Deals: Shadow of Mordor $22, CoD: Advanced Warfare $44, PES 2015 $29, Watch Dogs $12

New deals are online, offering titles such as CoD: Advanced Warfare, Borderlands: The Pre-sequel, The Evil Within, FIFA 15, Lords of the Fallen and more.

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XboxDD1491d ago

Price of PES dropped so fast.

2pacalypsenow1490d ago

PC version....I got excited i thought i could pick it up on ps4 for $30

XboxDD1490d ago

I doubt any game for PS4 could drop the price so fast. That site does offer PS4 games, but it's expensive as usual.

MMOBytes1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

G2A CD key sale, for PC. Pretty good deal on Watch Dogs. They also added a steam gifting portal, but as usual you gota watch where the region is from.

The93Sting1491d ago

Advanced Warfighter? LOL

micx1491d ago

Corrected now, what a typo.

annoyedgamer1490d ago

I actually called it that by accident numerous times already. Ghost Recon was a big favorite of mine at the launch of the 360.

Rivitur1490d ago

I've seen g2a adversitied but how legit are the site and sellers really?

XboxDD1490d ago

They have very high score on sellerratings: