Capcom's Lost Planet tiny text

Capcom isn't done sticking it to standard definition television users yet. After Capcom dismissed patching Dead Rising's tiny text because it just "wasn't possible," now Capcom is about to release the same tiny text scourge with Lost Planet's multiplayer. We know the comment thread is about to fill up with: "Why do you own an Xbox 360 without an HDTV?" or "HDTV's are so cheap, just go out and buy one!" May we please remind those commenters that a majority of consumers still own a SDTV and that's not an excuse for sloppy developers to create unreadable text.

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calderra4399d ago

Most? Try at least 80% of gamers are still on an HDTV, even after Black Friday.

F*** Capcom. Seriously. It's not like this isn't a known issue. And it wouldn't be terribly hard to fix- in Dead Rising for isntance, the primary problem is that CRITICAL STORY POINTS are too small in the "news" banner at the bottom. A text size fix would take maybe a few days, counting testing, to put out. Increase the text, make sure the bar looks good, and ship. Unless they did a bad job coding the game, that would be incredibly easy to do.


Geohound4399d ago

they need to fix this. I'm about to buy a 19" HDTV, but I still don't see any reason for a simple text size increase selection in the options menu of Dead Rising or Lost Planet.

Dusk4399d ago

I think that everyone should just buy an HDTV, as you really aren't getting your full money's-worth out of your 360 unless you do, I also feel that a game company shouldn't play favorites with its consumers. Although HDTV's are increasingly found in homes, now, SDTV's are still the majority. Point is, other games don't screw the SDTV owners, so why should Capcom's.

death monk4399d ago

if you can't afford an HDTV just do what I did. Buy the $40 VGA cable and if you feel your computer monitor is too small, a 20 inch CTR is around $150. Games look much better.

ernande4399d ago

It's awful UI design anyway you slice it. The text is unreadable in HD as well.

a) This is being displayed on a television. 10pt font is ridiculous. It's not like a computer monitor where you're sitting 1-2 ft away from the screen. Most people are 8-10ft from their tv.

b) Even at 1080i, the font flickers like crazy because of the interlacing.

What is Capcom thinking?