Wii Balance Board used to control robot

Wii Fit and We Ski might be the only two official uses for the Wii Balance Board, but clever tech-heads are using its powers in lots of interesting ways - the latest a Spanish bloke using the accessory to control a robot just by shifting his weight in different directions.

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Tacki3797d ago

Aww hell nah! You know after this gets out, every wii owner is going to be controlling there own robots. We're going to have f*cking wiibots everywhere, breaking into our homes and destroying our 360's and PS3's. You just watch... it's gonna be I, Wiibot except all the robots will be controlled by angry wii fanboys who are pissed that people have been telling them they're not getting an actual workout. Microsoft is going to have there wiimote clone at E3 and Nintendo is going to unveil their combat droids. This is the end of free gaming as we know it! Get ready to be sitting in a cell forced to play through Alone in the Dark endlessly and eat the rats you've accidentally killed with your strapless wiimote.