Console Monster: NASCAR 09 Review

Console Monster's David Wriglesworth writes: "Get ready to start your engines once again as yet another EA racing game is released. This time it's the motor sport where you only go in one direction, left. Yes, you guessed it; it's NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing). It may only be Summer 2008 but EA Sports are revved up and ready for the new season. NASCAR 09 is the twelfth instalment of the series which began in 1997 on the PlayStation and SEGA Saturn. Eleven years on and it seems people are still enjoying driving in circles…

Like many EA Sports titles, the amount of game modes within the game is fairly large. Right from the start, you get straight into the action as players are introduced to the "Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup" – the Career mode via a tutorial which is very cleverly done. Players are introduced to a digital version of professional race car driver, Jeff Gordon (who?) who goes on to talk about which driving style you want to use – Normal or Professional. Normal is recommended for a "forgiving, arcade-style experience" whilst Professional features a "simulation style driving model". After trying both styles I did find a notable difference. The Professional style allows players to alter their gameplay settings before a race unlike the Normal style. The tutorial continues with the introduction of the usual teams, sponsors, and contracts etc. to choose from before you finally get racing. Personally, despite the excellence of the tutorial, I feel it drags on a bit as you eagerly just want to get on with the racing..."

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