A way to experience Siren: Blood Curse on Blu-ray

Siliconera writes: "Sony is only releasing the PlayStation 3 remake of Siren as an episodic PlayStation Network game in North America. A cautious move, but somewhat reasonable since Siren didn't reach top the charts when it was a PlayStation 2 game. Sony Computer Entertainment America even passed on Siren 2 regardless of an existing English translation completed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. So, we're definitely not going to see the game in retail stores, but if you want to own a physical copy of the game in English there is a way."

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MrWonderful3823d ago

im at work and cant see this article. what is the way?

Rick Astley3823d ago

"Sony Computer Entertainment Asia’s product page for Siren: New Translation, the Japanese name for Siren: Blood Curse, has Japanese and English language support. Importing the game costs around $55 and it doesn’t look like the Blu-ray disc contains any extra content. The only advantage is you get to play all twelve episodes of Siren: Blood Curse without waiting for the next episode. However, Sony Computer Entertainment America has not announced the price per episode, which could be cheaper than buying the disc."

[email protected]3823d ago

Yeah, same here. Import the Asian version is a most to go especially if is a blueray disc and also include the English translation.

PoSTedUP3823d ago

wait. with out the blu-ray version will the psn version be in English?

Trillax3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

I played the japanese demo on PSN and the main character spoke english but the words were all in japanese so im guessing they may have to translate the text.