Review: Far Cry 4 is one of the year's best games | CVG

This is probably the best that Far Cry has ever been. And that's saying something.

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OutcastMosquito1288d ago

No surprise here. Great job Ubisoft!

starchild1288d ago

Really great review. I can't wait for Tuesday.

u got owned1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

now i want this game. F3 was great so i'll probably pick up this one onPS4.

Manubiggs1288d ago

Damn - why release on the same week as dragon age and GTA 5 !!! This will have to wait till next year but look forward to it. The Far Cry brand is the one game keeping Ubisoft in my good graces.

raWfodog1288d ago

Far Cry 3 was the only one in the series that I played and I also thought it was great. Looking forward to picking this up as well but, like you, not until sometime next year.

wastedcells1288d ago

Far cry 1 was made by Crytek and at the time it was graphically amazing. First game with amazing outdoor graphics and water, trees and so on were amazing. It was also open world and a PC exclusive. Put Crytek on the map and was a great game. It's older now and not worth playing.

Then they sold the IP to ubisoft who made far cry 2 which was great but just had something that held it back from being amazing. Probably the pacing and stupid pills you needed to take for malaria or some thing like that. You either loved it or hated it but the potential was there. 1 and 2 had nothing in common story wise and neither does 3 so I'd pass on it.

Far cry 3 put them back on track and was the game everyone knew far cry could be but still you could tell that the next one would really nail it now that they had a formula that worked.