PSN vs Xbox LIVE: The Battle of Subscriptions and Services

Dealspwn: "Standing at the end of 2014, the subscription services on Xbox One and PS4 are broadly similar. You need subscriptions to play online across both platforms now, and Microsoft introduced Games With Gold to try and rival PlayStation Plus. The two subscriptions cost about the same, but although there are broad similarities and parallels, it's clear that each side's original strengths still remain their biggest selling points."

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jrshankill1346d ago

Sony's marketing ploy to release the PS+ games for December and January was pretty smart. This will entice people to sign up for another year when subscriptions have expired from launch.

Microsoft's XBox One Games with Gold have been pretty dire. I enjoyed Super Time Force, but the rest have been mediocre to pretty awful. Still, it is matter of opinion.

If I had to choose the better all round experience, it has to be Xbox Live. Sure, both services go down... but the PSN outages have been way worse than Xbox Live's so far.

FuzzyPixels1346d ago

Sony have certainly been papering the cracks with PS Plus, but it's really been very good indeed, and an excellent way of providing a slate of interesting indie titles and giving them some exposure.

But you do still get that premium online experience with XBL. It sort of depends what you're looking for really.

Death1346d ago

That sums it up pretty well. If you don't really play online and your friends list resembles your public library on a Friday night, Plus is the better way to go since it is a game subscription service. If playing online is a significant portion of your gameplay experience, Live is a much better option.

spacedelete1346d ago

yes it is very smart. let everyone know in advance about some good PS4 games then carry on servicing homemade indie shovelware after February until next December and then give AAA game rinse and repeat. i recommend everyone to just buy a month's subscription or 3 month subscription so you don't pay for any months with what they pulled this year.

FuzzyPixels1346d ago

I have to say, Sony are really playing a long game with their first and second party software slate. They cornered the market in telling people that third-party games run better, but for a platform holder with bigging hitting first-party studios, Sony are being soundly beaten by MS in terms of exclusives right now.

Hopefully that changes next year. Hopefully.

PONTIAC08G8GT1346d ago

I think that Live has the better gaming service, while PS has the better freebies. Giving Viva Pinata and a bunch of indie games as free from Live is less then exciting. Getting Uncharted and a couple other A list games is excellent. It's nice that Live lets you keep your downloaded games even if you stop the service, where PS does not.

Both are solid and it really just depends on which system you own. I've always had Live and thought it was leaps and bounds better the PS, but this new generation PS has caught up. It's really just determined by which console you own.

user56695101346d ago

Can it really be a winner when gamers don't have a choice but to buy it if they want to play mp. They have gamer paying to access a part of a game they already paid for, and the crazy part is these console makers don't make these game or give the free servers. So why are people paying for it. The quality is the same. I pay 60 for a game just so they can say I have to pay to play mp with p2p. Not dedicated servers p2p. N people are loving it too .

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Blues Cowboy1346d ago

It's a tough one. Neither network has exactly covered themselves in glory recently, but XBL's more stable/less prone to maintenance experience vs all those PS+ offers is a pretty even fight.

Though, since both subs are mandatory for online play, both services effectively 'win' - it's us gamers that either win or lose. I hope that Sony keeps up its Instant Game Collection offerings after a few shaky months (the next few months/new year looks amazing) now that PS+ is required, as opposed to an optional extra that has to entice sales.

GodGinrai1346d ago

"Neither network has exactly covered themselves in glory recently, but XBL's more stable/less prone to maintenance experience vs all those PS+ offers is a pretty even fight."

I disagree. Aside from halos MP currently not being fully functional. XBL has been fine this year. compare that to the DC debacle ( which has been going on for months now...Halo will be sorted within a matter of days if not another week.)

Sony give arguably better freebies most of the time, but to be honest, I pay to play online. The freebies are just a nice bonus. For my money XBL does a better job of covering what is important. Online functionality. XB1 is a more online centric console, so I guess it comes with the territory, really.

BRAN117DON1346d ago

Xbl is the clear winner here

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