Should Sony And Microsoft Be Required To Report Accurate Sales Numbers For Their Systems

With 10 million units reported sold, Microsoft has had some controversy arise from those who say they are only reporting units sold to retail unlike their rival Sony. As such Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece asking if there should be a uniform standard in the industry for sales reporting.

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GribbleGrunger1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Sony do report accurate 'sold' numbers for their console. Just because one company deliberately puts out ambiguous information about 'approaching 10m shipped', doesn't mean both companies should be taken to task. The last time Sony announced numbers it was at 10m and the next time they announce the numbers will probably be at the Playstation event in Dec, which I'd say will be 15m.

I mean, take a look at that first sentence. That's not a very good start for an article demanding transparency. MS is the company you need to be taking to task, not the company that's actually been releasing 'sold though' numbers.

I know the author rectifies it in the next few paragraphs but the headline and the first paragraph are not representative of the context. A little 'accuracy' early on in the article wouldn't go amiss.

jrshankill1342d ago

"Sony do report accurate 'sold' numbers for their console."

Proof? Legitimate 3rd party source?

GribbleGrunger1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

What? Didn't you watch Sony announce 10m sold? And then added: 'just to be clear, that's 10m sold through to consumers.' That's all the proof you need because it's breaking the law to put out false sales numbers.

Putting out shipped numbers and allowing the public to believe they're sold numbers is a much easier way of getting around a fine.

Sony have kept us up to date with sales figures since the release of the PS4 whilst MS have completely changed their approach from last gen. Doesn't that tell you something?

Death1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )


It's amazing how much and how long people insist on regurgitating bs. Two sets of numbers get released on a regular basis. We see the numbers from quarterly and annual financials from both companies. These numbers reflect the amount of consoles sold through to retail. These are the numbers that matter to investors since they represent the amount of product manufactured and paid for. Investors in Sony and Microsoft don't care how many consoles Kmart sold, they care about the money they invested. When these numbers are announced, you are not the target audience if you are not an investor. Buying a console does not make you an investor. Shipped to retail are the only numbers outside of manufactured that are accurate. Sony knows exactly how many they made and they know exactly how many they ship.

The next set of numbers is sold through to end users. These are numbers released by marketing to people like you that want to do some chest thumping. These are irrelevant numbers since retailers do not store consoles, they sell them. There are always consoles in the retail channel. When Walmart sells a pallet of consoles, another pallet is being shipped to the store. These numbers are guesstimates. Some retailers give this info to the manufacturers, some sell this info to the manufacturers and some absolutely refuse to release the information. Walmart does not disclose their sales to anyone. Both Sony and Microsoft pay for this information since they can't track it. They don't pay for it so they can announce it to you and make you feel better. They pay for this information so they can determine how much they should manufacture. Neither Sony nor Microsoft want to have product in storage since this eats into their profit margin.

Sony did indeed change the way they report numbers. There was a time when Sony reported numbers shipped from manufacturing instead of shipped to retail numbers like Nintendo, Sega and Microsoft. They have been reporting shipped to retail for years now along with the marketing sold through announcements from time to time. We are dealing with two separate sets of numbers that get often are mixed together like it's one set of numbers.

Ezz20131342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Sony did announce that they *sold through to consumers* 10 million Ps4 in Aug

IndoAssassin1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )


Actually Sold to consumers does matter. If you are not selling to customers, then shipped numbers will also suffer since retailers won't be ordering more.

Sold through numbers also give companies an idea of how much they need to manufacture to meet demand.

mikeslemonade1342d ago

Shipped out is accurate enough because these are what the stakeholders see.

Now what the pompous man in the suit from MS keeps saying is always spun with PR.

Sold to customers is negligible. Stores don't hold that much stuck of a console. There should be in theory about the same of PS4s and X1s in any store. Just one gets moved out and in much quicker.

PONTIAC08G8GT1342d ago

Like why is it a big deal? The only people who should legit care are the corporate people. Both systems are selling well, one has sold more then the other, case closed. All these numbers do for the normal, everyday person is provide them with ammunition to act like a fanboy "well my system has sold more then yours." Maybe it's just me, but I don't really care about the numbers. Maybe if the X1 had 1,000 sales over the course of a year, thats a bad sign. But both are selling so to me, its not a big deal.

Why o why1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

'Actually Sold to consumers does matter. If you are not selling to customers, then shipped numbers will also suffer since retailers won't be ordering more.'

Well said indo

Dude will spin against that logic. Ms death does have a counter for that stuffing

Fact is there is a correlation between shipped to retailers and sold to customers that death really doesn't want to acknowledge. Retailers aren't stupid....the premise of sales can only warrant so many orders. If they aren't selling whats projected then they'd be negligent to order more than they need. Why does he think ms felt the need to lower the price......maybe just maybe the customers werent buying enough for the retailers to order more...... This

Death1342d ago


This is from the post you responded to 8 hours ago,

"Both Sony and Microsoft pay for this information since they can't track it. They don't pay for it so they can announce it to you and make you feel better. They pay for this information so they can determine how much they should manufacture. Neither Sony nor Microsoft want to have product in storage since this eats into their profit margin."

I'm not sure how to make that any more clear.

Why o why1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

I'm not talking about the tracking, I'm talking about the importance of sold to customers as they are not seperate entities. By posting that you're kinda dodging the point. I don't think they can or need to track anything to the precision of whats in peoples homes. To say they don't care about it is disingenuous and makes no sense. They care even if it isn't traceable. You think sony or ms just want hardware sold to retailers? You cannot be saying that.

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Garethvk1342d ago

The point is not to point a finger at either company, the point of the article is that there should be a uniform reporting standard in the industry.

darthv721342d ago

These numbers really only matter to the company shareholders. The first time someone decided to start reporting them to the consumers it was like...why do we really need to know this???

Now its more of continuing the trend to measure each other. I dont really have a horse in this race. I support the industry as a whole and the majority of the people I know dont really care who leads what. They only care about the games.

Anon19741342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

I see no reason why this needs to be reported. We don't expect Sony to break down sales of each stereo receiver or camera they sell any more than we expect Microsoft to release exactly how many copies of Microsoft Office are sold. There was a point during the 360's run that Microsoft simply stopped reporting any console figures for two quarters.

At the end of the day, neither company is required to break down exact sales numbers of everything they sell. Shareholders don't care. They want the big picture, and frankly it shouldn't matter to anyone else. It's not going to matter to publishers of developers if units are sold or shipped so long as they have a decent idea of the size of the install base.

It shouldn't matter to anyone else.

Athonline1342d ago

Which there shouldn't really be a "standard".

In photography, there is CIPA which releases camera shipments but as overall amounts across all participating companies. They do separation in terms of dSLR, mirrorless, compacts, but that's about it. You get the occasional trolls in forums, but that doesn't stop Nikon or Sony or Canon or Olympus or Fuji or Samsung or Pentax users enjoying their systems and actually using them. I.e. Sony is 3rd by a large margin, based on shareholder reports, compare to Canon and Nikon -as Olympus/Fuji doesn't share enough info- but guess! Sony users don't care and really do enjoy their cameras. And when I say cameras I am talking about systems where people invested four and five digits numbers. Why they do that? They simply buy what they feel is the best for them and their needs. Fuji sells even less than Sony, but for some people it was well worth spending ten of thousands in lenses and bodies -imo brilliant image quality.

In gaming we get few numbers, showing if the industry is rising or not and that is all that should matter to us. As long as the industry as a whole is doing good, that is good news for the gamers. Do people remember or heard off the industry's crash in 1983? Avoiding a similar crash is all that gamers should really care in terms of finance. I don't recall any of these "armchairs MBAs" journalists/bloggers/commenter s arguing about THQ before it went bankrupt.. and that was truly a sad day for gamers. Maybe because people were a bit too focused if the X platform sold more than the Y...

As long as EVERYONE sells, we should be happy. Competition helps consumers get the best deals possible.

Dlacy13g1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

@Gribble are so funny. The ONLY accurate sales number ANY console company can give is the number of units they have sold to RETAIL and they amount they have directly sold. Sold through to consumer is ultimately an impossible exact figure for the console makers to know as they don't get exact sell through figures from every retail store selling them.

So should these companies be required to give accurate sales numbers? Yes...and they do. Each quarterly report they give to investors gives accurate sold/shipped units. That info has and always will be available. feeding the fanboy need for monthly NPD like numbers is not a needed step.

tinynuggins1342d ago

No. not to us anyway. To their shareholders they absolutely need to report accurate sales numbers, which they both do. What right do we have to know how many systems they sell? Seriously can't believe anyone thinks they are actually entitled to this information. If they want to give it up, GREAT but do we have the RIGHT to know? absolutely not.

Pogmathoin1342d ago

Gribble, there was a time when Sony did not comment on sales and also announced shipped.... But being the fanboy you are, I guess that was fine. As usual here MS are the first to do all the 'bad' things...

mediate-this1342d ago

You can't accurately report them. Unless each console is registered through serial number when taken online for first time.

It's impossible to know true numbers, that's why shipped is the way businesses do it.

Kiwi661342d ago

But even if MS did give actual number sold with proof people on here would still say they're lying

marloc_x1342d ago

Didn't Sony announce 13.5 million,err..


freshslicepizza1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

don't even start with sony being 100% transparent. who do you think it was that didn't say a word last generation every month when npd numbers came in? sony was also using the word shipped before like microsoft is now. who started bundling games division as a whole and not separate platforms which microsoft is doing now as to hide actual numbers like vita sales?

they all provide accurate quarterlies to the investors. its the fanboys who are clamouring each month waiting for the numbers to come in so they can indeed do some chest thumping like as if they have become rich or something because their imaginary stocks went up.

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green1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Articles like this in my opinion makes absolutely no sense because what Microsoft and Sony do is the standard industry practice because it is the right way to report it.

Let me give an example. This weeks edition of the Apprentice in the UK, two teams were tasked to make a board game and sell it. They made them and sold some directly to customers and around 80& by retailers BASED ON HOW MANY THE RETAILER FELT THEY COULD SELL.

At the end of the show, the amount of sales made to retailers and customers were tallied up and the profit revenue calculated. Not once did Alan Sugar ask them to go to the retailers and find out how many units were sold by retailers directly to the customers because that is really no longer their business. As long as the retailer has bought the games, that is cash in the bank for the business. What the retailer chooses to do with the stock, is up to them.

The retailers have bought the product. If the retailer wants more, then they will order more, if they find it hard to sell the units, then they will cancel all future orders or order a reduced quantity.

Microsoft or Sony can't force a retailer to buy more Xbox One's or PS4'than the retailer wants or can afford to sell because it would be bad business for the retailer.

So, looking at your shipped numbers and reporting it from a business stand point is absolutely correct because that is the way you will calculate how much stock has been sold to partner business and will give you a correct estimate on how future production volumes should be handled.

Dlacy13g1342d ago

Spot on... I am amazed how people don't understand this principle.

jmc88881342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

That my friends is why you don't take apprentice as an example of good business or management.

So much wrong with your post.

Retailers absorb stock. It's true that businesses don't get paid by the customers, they get paid by the retailers/distributors.

The retailers/distributors take on some risk by stocking it, and they try to match the stock with customer demand. Of course it's not always like this as some companies force terms onto retailers/distributors if they can get away with it.

Now the problem with your analogy is that you are wrongly (massively) thinking that the apprentice and their 'games' represent business. It doesn't.

The PS4, XB1, and many other products on shelves, aren't sold for a couple of days. They are sold for years.

Donald Trump is a grade A scumbag. Of course he doesn't care about long term success. He's always been in it for the short term. That's why he's and his businesses have filed for bankruptcy numerous times. Basically it seems UK Apprentice is the same sort of complete BS the US version is.

So comparing a one off sale versus a partnership with many retailers that have to be maintained for the life of the product (and really subsequent PS5 or Xbox Two).

What you learned right there is that the apprentice show isn't in the business to teach CORRECT business practices. It's about showmanship. Pure and simple. It's about appearances. In that 'show', the cheat was simple. Sell as many as you can, dang the forward consequences. So people who rigged their product distribution to match that crazy non-business perspective, got ahead, and won.

It's a perfect example of HOW NOT TO RUN A BUSINESS.

But in the small viewpoint, short timeframe, showmanship of a TELEVISION SHOW that IS NOT REALITY, the games rules were setup like you said.

But man oh man, is that NOT how it works in the real world.

You also forget your recent history regarding JUST the consoles being talked about.

Microsoft, utilizing the ignorance of the retailers. (that ignorance was that the Xbox One was on the same footing of the Xbox 360...when clearly it wasn't the case). Microsoft was just fine with stuffing the channel with as many units as possible.

What was the impact? Simple. They lowered their trust with supply chain managers. They sat on hundreds of xbox's per store for months.

In fact it even then DID impact Microsoft quite a bit. How? Simple.

After they stuffed the channel, they barely shipped any consoles for 6 months (if not longer). The only things they COULD ship were what now?

Oh that's right, the new SKU's and bundles.

That's when we saw some retailers buy more right?

But how many did they buy? It seems a lot less then the initial launch and first couple of months batches.

jmc88881342d ago

In fact it may have even affect the Sunset Overdrive bundle. Notice almost everyone was sold out? Why is that? Most likely because retailers didn't want to take on a bunch of stock that might not sell.

So we have a case where Microsoft and Retailers could of sold more Sunset Overdrive bundles, but the previous idiotic actions (that you seem to be trumpeting), limited the stock retailers wanted, and thus you have a situation where people aren't buying Sunset Overdrive bundles because they don't exist, yet the other bundles don't have the same draw.

This true even with a holiday uptick in sales. They aren't mutually exclusive. Whatever the sales truly are, they would of been more, had the SKU people wanted, be available. But they weren't, because of Microsoft shafting their retail customers early on.

The point you seem to forget is that your way is much more risky and can have long term consequences, that overall lead to a reduction in sales, simply because of an asinine Donald Trump attitude where reality doesn't matter, just the $$$$. Well Donald Trump has shown you time and again he'll get plenty of $$$ and then go bust.

Great businessman to listen to. A guy that busts over and over again.

So you go ahead and listen to idiots. I'll stick with realistic and correct business practices that doesn't involve creating problems and obfuscating reality.

SpinalRemains1381341d ago

Board games don't rely on software attachments to keep the business afloat and thriving with all their business partners.

Your analogy is kind of misguided and narrow.

green1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

It is not misguided and narrow. I have years of experience in manufacturing and currently am a project manager for a publishing company in the UK so I used that simple analogy to explain the reason why companies lije Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Toshiba etc report shipped numbers.

So if my simple analogy using board games from a show that I felt some here would have watched to better understand, then nothing else will. would you like me to tell you how it works in the publishing industry, because it is the samething.

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Garethvk1342d ago

We saw an example of this sort of thing go to the courts with the EA lawsuit over the Battlefield 4 issues. The courts said that puffery was allowed and as such the companies would not be liable. To me there is a difference between saying now with more flavor and a bolder taste when it is the same thing vs saying we sold 10 million units. The consumers need to have accurate information when they plan a purchase and while both ways are correct, it can be misleading to some and perhaps a set standard should be applied.

green1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

"The consumers need to have accurate information when they plan a purchase"

Sorry but from a consumers perspective, how does knowing if the cooperation behind a product you want to buy reports shipped or sold numbers affects you or factors into your purchasing decision?

One thing you need to realize is that retailers, distributors, wholesalers, etc..are their direct customers. We are not their direct customers except when we purchase directly from their store or buy digital.

Death1342d ago

You are 100% correct. The one area you are a little off on is the directly through the store part. Microsoft and Sony stores are separate divisions within the parent company. Any product sold through these stores is still bought from the other divisions and many times through an outside vendor. When you buy a console through the Microsoft store or even online through Microsoft, you are doing this through a division that is still responsible for their own sales and profit.

Garethvk1342d ago

A consumer is entitled to accurate information about a product and its performance regardless of the reason. Perhaps they want to know if one is just having a bump due to a price decrease or the release of a specific title while others may want to know how one has performed long term. It does not matter why or if they need the info, what matters is what is reported is accurate and not based on numerical manipulations.

green1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

@Death: ohh thanks for that. Did not know that.

@Gareth: Shipped information is an accurate number. What you are asking for is a completely different data. If you want that, then go meet NPD, GFK Chart Track etc.

Askanison41342d ago

I'm curious; why do you think the consumer has the right/need to know how much a product has sold (outside of being invested in the company financially)?

Do you know how many Toshiba Laptops have been sold before buying your own?
Do you know how many Jeeps have been sold before buying your own?
Do you know how many packets of Doritos have been sold before you buy your own?

darthv721342d ago

@garethvk: "A consumer is entitled to accurate information about a product and its performance regardless of the reason."

They are entitled to the safety information but not something like its sales report. Sales are more of a curiosity that some are wanting to know but its not a mandatory release to the public. That is up to the company to decide and generally they disclose that to the stock holders and any 3rd party public affairs company.

jmc88881342d ago


You are comparing apples to oranges.

When you talk about Doritos, does it matter to my experience as a Dorito eater by the amount of bags sold to other people? Or is it going to taste just as good/bad? No

When you talk about Toshiba laptops, does the amount sold impact my ability to surf the web with it or listen to music or manage spreadsheets? No

When you talk about Jeeps (this one actually wasn't a good one for you to mention), does the number sold impact my Jeep? Well actually yes. If tens of millions are sold the replacement parts and the ability of mechanics to repair them would be much better. It's like when an American buys a Japanese car. Good luck fixing it yourself. An American car? No problem. So yes, how hard is it to find a cheap repair for a Jaguar? Land Rover? Etc. Cars that sell more have cheaper replacement parts.

But OK, now let's get to consoles.

Your enjoyment of a console is DIRECTLY affected by how many it sells. In multiple ways.

a. A console that doesn't sell well won't get as much developer support in terms of games.

Hell we see that with the Wii U right NOW!!!

b. A console that doesn't sell well, or even decently, but is being greatly outpaced, will have an impact, on online gaming. It's quite simple. If you like games with multiplayer aspects, the more consoles sold, the bigger the playerbase, the longer it takes for the community to die down, and thus the longer lifespan that game's multiplayer aspect remains active.

Again I'll use the Wii U. CoD Black Ops 2 is a game played on many systems and PC. Well on the Wii U, by February the userbase was so bad, it was hard to find a match. If you did, you were playing against the same people and/or with a crappier connection (i.e. more lag).

We saw this happen many other times in regards to PS3 games. The Xbox 360 version of the same game had a bigger online playerbase and lasted longer. So much so, that in some games it remained easy to find multiplayer matches a year or two after the PS3 version was hard to find games in.

Of course it's not just consoles. Just look how Titanfall on 360 is lasting longer then XB1 which both lasted longer then the 1-2 months the PC version remained populated.

So yes, the amount sold of a console does impact things.

If you want to get the best bang for your buck, and many people do, especially in these economically troubled times (i.e. depression), many people will want to buy the version of the game and the console which has the longest life ahead of it.

Of course, like Ubisoft has shown, they'll pull support, and many companies, never even had any to begin with.

So whether it's multiplayer userbase, or software support by developers, knowing how much a console sells, or a particular copy of a game, is indeed a very important metric. Some may not know of this. Others may not care. But it is a valid metric, and it is useful. The simple fact is, number of console sales DOES impact gamers experience with that console. As a final reminder, just ask those who over the years bought consoles which didn't end up being big sellers. Like a OG Xbox, a Sega Saturn, a Dreamcast, Atari XE, 3D0, and the list goes on and on.

Askanison41342d ago

Ouch... Didn't expect an essay.

On the note about multiplayer - the Xbox One is at a higher user base now than the 360 was at this point. That's gotta be good since the 360 was lauded for its online multiplayer.

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Death1342d ago

Official release:

Disclaimer: "Number of retail sales to consumers is estimated by SCEI" The key word here is "estimated".

NegativeCreep4271342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

With the tone of your comment I'll take a guess and say you must think that "shipped" numbers are dead-on accurate, down to the last product, right?

So basically shipped numbers are a better figure to gauge market penetration??? I swear some MS sycophants here are posting comments from an alternate reality.

Ezz20131342d ago

So what you are saying that Sony don't know what they are doing ?!
and they just guess numbers out of their a$$ ?!!

they collect data from every place they ship their consoles to
your link even say that
it seems like you just trying your best to downplay any thing about Sony and ps4

and the irony that i didn't see you bash microsoft for their BS PR :
"Shortly we will ship 10 millions"
which was just DC for NPD Oct just as i thought

they didn't reach 10 million and shortly can mean month or months
and still not a beep out of you

PimpDaddy1342d ago

Calm down Ezz2013. All Death did was give a factual link. It's been known by people who aren't blinded by fanboy goggles that all 3 console manufacturers announce "shipped" to retailers. That's the only "accurate" number they can account for...

From time to time they will state "sold" instead of "shipped" as marketing PR. The bottom line is once they have "shipped" their hardware to a retailer it counts as a sale.

Death1342d ago


Shipped is a dead on accurate number. Manufacturers know exactly how much leaves their production lines and go to retail which is their customer. Reported shipped numbers are obviously rounded and are only 100% accurate for a very short time, but these are still the most accurate numbers we have to go by.

You can forget the whole argument that Sony or Microsoft for that matter get sales feedback from their retail partners. The worlds largest retailer will not disclose their sales to anyone. Smaller retail chains go through a larger distributor and don't report either. The only way console manufacturers can gauge sales is by paying for the information. Do you really think Sony would pay NPD if they already knew how many consoles are sold by authorized resellers?


You can't downplay Sony's incredible sales for the PS4 since launch and over the past year. As far as "Sony don't know what they are doing", the link I provided was directly from Sony. They claim it's an estimated number. I'm not sure how you can change the definition of a word to suit your argument.

I don't bash either companies PR announcements. Both are estimates, but I do believe they are a pretty fair indication of their sales. What irritates me is when people claim something that is not true. There are two sets of numbers each company reports. Shipped to retail and sold through. Sony isn't reporting any different than Microsoft or Nintendo, people simple choose to argue like there is only one way to report and that simply isn't true.

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whoyouwit041342d ago

Why? seriously, what the fack does that has to do with us unless we are investors in the company? This is just some bias article of Someone trying to act like Microsoft but a spend on numbers when they clearly said sold to retailers. how hard is that to understand?

green1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

You get a well said bubble there.

dafegamer1341d ago

why? for saying the truth? Those are shipped numbers, not sold

Kavorklestein1342d ago

Agreed with you on that one buddy.
We don't NEED to know. We want to know. It doesn't really affect us, it's just nifty information.
I do, however, think that if numbers ARE going to be released, that they need to be as accurate as possible. If a company doesn't want to announce numbers, they surely don't HAVE to, and people will make their assumptions or conclusions regardless of what information is shown.

I still think it doesn't really matter to the MAJORITY of people. Knowing numbers may influence a person's decision to buy something, but then again it may not. Too many varibles to use absolutes in a sales discussion.

Some people care and some don't.
SO, To answer the question asked in the Article Title.. Yes the info should be clear and concise, but the info should in no way be 'required' unless we have a majority shareholder position in the company.

Stop worrying about sales unless the completely cease. As long as it is still going up at a rate of at least a million units per 6 months-year an item cannot he called anything but successful.

Things don't have to be the BEST Selling to be great. Look at the movie Frozen-
box office hit, yet I have no interest in it.

neocores1342d ago

10mil shipped not sold last time I check Xbox was barely selling 7mil while ps4 is already at 13.5mil:)

SoapShoes1342d ago

I don't know how much they actually sold but what the heck is wrong with the media? 10 million sold? Microsoft clearly stated it wasn't sold and CLEARLY stated it wasn't even at 10 million shipped.

JeffGUNZ1342d ago

MS has sold nearly 10 million to retail.

These companies only care about the dollar and it falls to how many are sold to retail.

Ezz20131342d ago


this from MicroSoft PR:
" Shortly, we will have sold in to retailers more than 10 million Xbox One consoles"

they never shipped 10 million ...they are talking about future
and shortly can mean any thing from month to months

True_Samurai1342d ago

PS4 hit 13.5 million "shipped" at the end of September.

Sayburr1342d ago, you think there are 3million game systems sitting on store shelves out there? Almost half of what has "sold"? Seems a little high that about six months’ worth of product is just sitting there gathering dust with today's propensity for Just In Time Delivery.

DanteVFenris6661342d ago

First they said they will shortly ship 10 mil which means they could be anywhere between 7-9 million. SHIPPED. That doesn't look good. Even if we give them the high end at 9, but hey it's still doing better than the wii u sadly.
So no people don't think there are 3 million because they will shortly ship 10 million which probably means they are trying to stretch out the truth to their real numbers which to my guess is probably sitting at 8-8.5

rainslacker1341d ago

It's not much of a stretch given that the holiday season is coming up. They sold quite a lot last holiday, and the price point/bundles are pretty appealing. Keep in mind that some of that shipped may be to distributers as well, or sitting in some mega-warehouse for Wal-Mart or Best buy or similar all in preparation for the holiday. Black Friday here in the states can not be understated.

BIGBOSS081342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

10mil shipped "SHORTLY" dont forget. they havent even shipped 10m yet, never mind sold and sony announced 10m SOLD in august. just to give an idea how far behind the xbox one is. microsoft are using ANY tactic they can to hide it.

NegativeCreep4271342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

With the rational that some desperate Xbox fanboys use, they must think E.T. on the Atari 2600 was one of the best selling games of all time... regardless of the fact that a great amount of the E.T. cartridges never made it to gamers and were buried in a New Mexico desert.

Shipped is better than sold. Sold means nothing. /s

ritsuka6661342d ago

13.5 is shiped numbers dude..

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