The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask On 3DS Will Be Different From The Original

The producer of the series said that the 3DS remake of the legend of Zelda Majora's Mask would be different from the original. As you know the remake of The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask on 3DS was unveiled with a trailer.

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Canary1405d ago

What? It's a terrible article. There's no news, no analysis, and some of it even fails to make any literal sense.

Case in point:

"As in Ocarina of Time, it is also entitled to indices during the adventure and less a boss a little crooked"

Complete gibberish.

Sly-Lupin1405d ago

If it were a remake, it would obviously be different from the original.
If it were a straight port, it would probably be mostly identical to the original.

Sadly, these Zelda re-releases are neither, and no one in the whole ****ing world seems to understand that we already have a term to describe these things: "Enhanced port."

It's not a remake.
It's not a port.
It's an enhanced port. An enhanced port. An enhanced port.

Blacklash931405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

It's in a blurry area. Many visual asset are completely remade, the lighting system is completely different, the UI is completely overhauled and is redesigned for dual-screens, and there are also new animations. Those things actually are remade, and not ported. Enhanced ports aren't characterized by remaking assets, especially to this extent.

Other areas like music, are the old versions with touched-up quality. There's also most of the character models and character animations, which get the same treatment. Such things are ported or at least look like they were. Those fit into enhanced ports.

Plus, they've confirmed that fishing will be included in MM3D. That wasn't in the original version whatsoever, so we're seeing all-new content this time around that isn't ported or remade. New content can fit the definition of an enhanced port or a remake.

Aonuma called the game a modern Director's Cut, so I'm just going with that.

Canary1405d ago

Actually, enhanced ports ARE characterized by re-doing assets and UI elements. That's what the "enhanced" part means.

What determines whether or not a game is a remake or not is the game's actual coding. IE, the engine upon which the game is built. The actual content, mechanics, and visual elements of the game are irrelevant. Case in point: Binding of Issac Rebirth is nearly identical to the original game visually--it shares the same art style and UI, and same basic game mechanics. It's basically the old game, with some extra content, right? Wrong--it's a remake because it's built in a new engine (IIRC, the original game was built in Flash, of all things).

The problem we have here is that the words "port" and "remake" both have very strong connotations in gaming culture--the former very negative, the latter somewhat positive.

We associate "ports" with lazy, slapdash efforts to bring a game to another platform as quickly as possible with no regard for its quality in an effort to reach a broader audience/market/to make more money. See: Age of Empires HD, Dark Souls PTD, or any of the recent slew of Japanese games to hit Steam like Legend of Heroes or Valkyria Chronicles (don't get me wrong here: these are fantastic games and I'm postively jubilant that they're on Steam now... but they're pretty half-assed, lazy ports).

Conversely, when associate the word "remake" with fantastic, lovingly-crafted recreations of beloved games--like Monkey Island; Final Fantasy 1 and 2, Star Ocean 1 and 2 on PSP; Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV on the NDS; Dragon Quest VII 3D; Wild Arms XF (my favorite example of a remake done well); Romancing SaGa (the PS2's best forgotten gem); half of the most recent Ys games; etc., etc.

We also associate the term "remake" with our fanboyish fantasies of seeing various tech demos of Final Fantasies and Zeldas evolve into full-blown games.

In short: ports are bad; remakes are good.

The problem with the term "enhanced port" is purely one of interpretation. When we see games like OoT3D or MM3, or WWHD, RoNHD, BG2EE, etc., etc., many of us feel that "enhanced port" is a denigration. Because we see so much care and effort put into these ports, we wish to bestow upon them the title of "remake," as it seems to be more consistent with the level of work and care put into the product.

But it's still wrong because denotation > connotation.

wonderfulmonkeyman1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Screw whatever the technical term is; they've announced that it'll be playable on both the 3DS and N3DS, but that the N3DS will bring new features to it.
Those extra features are what have caught MY interest.
If it's something other than visuals then I'm extremely interested...