Destiny's Iron Banner 2.0 will be tougher than ever, new chat system incoming

Destiny's Iron Banner 2.0 is the focus of Bungie's latest Weekly Update post, along with new details revealing an upcoming voice chat channel coming next week for matchmade games.

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OmegaShen1371d ago

I'm ready, it looks a hint we might to play dlc early.

legionsoup1371d ago

I clicked the link and see nothing about the Iron Banner. How did this even get approved?

Naga1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

The original submission went here:

... which has a bunch of Iron Banner info.

However, it would appear that someone reported it and made him change the link to what we see right now. Hopefully the admins will change it back.

legionsoup1371d ago

Gotcha - that link was much more helpful and informative. Can't wait for the changes to Iron Banner!