LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Review - Mouse n Joypad

Johnny writes -"LEGO Batman 3 may be one of a long line of similar games, but it does a lot to keep the franchise fresh and interesting, even my youngest son was happy to just sit there and watch it for hours, probably thinking it was a movie. The game itself is probably one of the best LEGO releases in recent times, not counting the amazing LEGO The Movie which was THE best of the franchise so far. Straight up no nonsense family fun from start to finish, that will not only entertain the kids, it will also have you spending hours playing it until your thumbs hurt. While the LEGO games have never been strong in the story department they sure make up for it in the gameplay side of things. LEGO Batman 3 is a game you should ask Santa to put in your stocking, and get the kids something else."

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