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The next of the famous Call of Duty shooters changes up the franchise with a move to future-based warfare that includes Elysium-styled Exo-Suits that give soldiers superhuman abilities such as boost jumping, cool gadgets and super strength.

As always, Pennyworth Reviews dishes out its quick and easy to read review to let you know if this new Call of Duty is worth your time and money.

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ElleGee1375d ago

Dunno if it's worth that score, based on the server issues. I mean, it's definitely the best core COD in ages, but the server issues and lag compensation make it downright unplayable.

Ognipode1375d ago

Hey ElleGee, in all of our review (PS4) we experienced no matchmaking, server or lag issues at all, although we are aware of the reports of people experiencing issues, especially PC. But as for our own experiences, was all smooth.