Narratives in Games

Video games are very much in their infancy, but human expression is not. How video games are taking on those methods and means of expression can be halting, awkward, or stumbling at times. The transition between mediums is not always fluid, as it must have been for live drama to film. A metamorphosis, however, is underway. As games evolve in their complexity they’ll master the means of bringing brighter, clearer expression to themselves. We’re very much in a development phase, the awkward teenage years, of this new art form.

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Edgetroll1407d ago

This brings up an interesting notion, that is more enjoyable? A game with a terrible story but great gameplay? Or a game with terrible gameplay but an amazing story? In my experience I have games that fall into both extremes and have enjoyed depending on my mood.

The question is, what would keep you coming back?

VRex71407d ago

Interesting piece... the story development over the years has gotten so much better, as I've grown older I've found myself appreciating a good story over multiplayer, even though that's fun too. Telltale does a spectacular job of this, TWD was one of my favorite games this year!