Cloud Imperium: Star Citizen Unlikely To Support DX10 GPUs Or Systems With Less Than 8GB RAM

DSOGaming writes: "Star Citizen is perhaps one of the most visually impressive PC-only titles that are coming to our platform and as you may already know, it’s powered by Crytek’s engine. However, the official PC requirements for its Arena Commanded module seemed quite high. Which made us wonder whether the team would lower them in the near future. Apparently, that’s not going to happen."

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AuToFiRE1284d ago

Finally, a game that will push my 7 year old PC

lfc_4eva1284d ago

Yeah, push it over a cliff :-)

But its nice to see pc gaming is always pushing the envelope.

DarthZoolu1284d ago

I will believe it when I play it.

AuToFiRE1284d ago

It might, though my PC is getting old, the 6990 is still a beast in itself. I can still get a respectable 120fps in Star Citizen.

Whats the specs of your Pixel Collider?

I got 16gb DDR3-1600
1090T 6-core CPU OC'd to 4GHz
6TB disk space
and the OEM 6990 set to BIOS 2 and OC'd a tiny bit

Sy_Wolf1283d ago

Your DX9 card won't work

Destiny10801284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

for this game your going to need a beastly pc

heres one im building right now for this game

AuToFiRE1284d ago

Why do you have a bunch of random parts in there, including an old video rendering card and far outdated server CPU?

zeal0us1284d ago

I believe he was trying to make a joke.

SlapHappyJesus1284d ago

The ram bit doesn't surprise me.

ATi_Elite1284d ago

8gb ram has pretty much become standard although 4gb is can still do the trick. I don't have a problem as these high power cups of today need more ram.

StarCitizen hopefully is gonna fill your CPU and gpu up with so much work that it will even make multitasking almost impossible.

Nice to know a Pc killing game is upon us.

traumadisaster1284d ago

Tried the demo at 4k and no kidding, jaw dropped. I was seriously thinking it was a cut scene and I'll be damned it was the game.