FIFA 15 no longer supports Share Play on PS4

FIFA 15 appears to block users on PlayStation 4 from playing it through the Share Play feature.

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Insomnia_841406d ago

And to think Xboners believed Microsoft was gonna let them share full games downloads with up to 10 people.

Like if publishers were gonna let that happen.

LordMaim1406d ago

I doubt EA has anything to do with this issue. The author might have reached out to EA itself for confirmation that this was an intentional change, rather than just a bug for Gamespot.

...Especially since the author's site only leeched the original article, and didn't follow up on Gamespot's update that says that the feature actually works for other people.

MasterCornholio1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Because of FIFA?

Stop trolling please

Shareplay is alive and well whether you like it or not.

P.S Going to check on that right now.

Edit: Yep I just let a friend of mine play Escape Plan. Shareplay is alive and well.



Your wrong about that. Most games will be allowed to be share played. The feature is far from dead. Something that you want to happen but it won't.

HeavenlySnipes1406d ago

Major publishers are gonna start blocking it on every new game

Sony should have made it mandatory

Why o why1406d ago

It works with pro evo which is the better of the 2 football games this year.

Silly gameAr1406d ago

Certain companies may start blocking shareplay, but can't speak for the whole industry just because a few want to be difficult.

Saying things like R.I.P. shareplay and being all dramatic is just ridiculous.

MasterCornholio1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )


That's correct. There's bound to be more firms that block this but the majority won't. The feature will not die like some people are claiming

I dont mean to start anything but doesn't anyone think that Sony denying EA Access had something to do with this?

Oschino19071406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Yeah I have share played DriveClub the most, yesterday was with some friends sharing Diablo 3 and Destiny which are both Activision published.

mcstorm1406d ago

@MasterCornholio I would not be surprised if more and more publishers start to black it. I don't think Sony will for their own IP's but I see some of the 3rd party IP will start to block it. The 1st was COD now Fifa and im sure more will follow.

Its a same as its a great idea but we will have to wait and see what happens over the next few month.

DOMination-1406d ago

Escape Plan abd Driveclub are published by Sony.

Worst examples ever.

xXDerickXx1406d ago

There is a pretty good handful of games that doesnt allow share play

Who knows how much more will join the list so right now it doesn't look bad but it also doesn't look that good either

freshslicepizza1406d ago

why would sony make it mandatory? it is up to the publisher as it should be. i think it is their loss because that could mean potential lost sales but to dictate they have to implement it in every games would simply not work.

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Grap1406d ago

This function was dead the moment Sony let the developer had the option to let their game support it.

Copenhagen1406d ago

It was a fatal mistake on Sonys part to leave it up to the publishers. Already has a one hour limit before you restart the process and the sharing player has to be at his or her console. Greedy companies eventually get what's coming to them and EA is no different.

slate911406d ago

Greedy companies? What do you mean? So EA decides to opt out of a Sony feature and that makes them greedy? I don't get why you say that.

tman73021406d ago

You're whiny cause they blocked share who. Get over it and stop pointing fingers. How old are you 12?

yewles11406d ago

You really think publishers would allow Sony have their games playable for free?

BluFish1406d ago

It's no different than sitting a friends house playing on their console with them.

So yeah, I do expect them to allow it.

yewles11406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

That's how it's advertised, but it's not how third parties see it. They see it as a way to have games accessed digitally w/o other consumers buying it themselves. This mentality is going to happen more down the line.

tman73021406d ago


Core ideology, but different situation. Publishers can't control a friend showing off a game cause it's privacy and discretion of the owner. When Sony decides, "Hey let's make it a feature." That now becomes a public viewing of the publisher's license. Why do you think Sony threw out there, "It's up to the publishers to use it"?

It wasn't them being nice, it was them staying away from a lawsuit by publishers cause if Sony made it manditory, legal would be all over this.

yezz1406d ago

Well it works fine for me at the moment..

Ju1406d ago

The error reads "content not possible in your region". This could have various reasons ... not necessarily because EA blocked this feature. This is usually the case if content from another country is viewed and blocked by the DNS or proxy. This has nothing to do with Shareplay. I'd guess as long as you use the account in the same country it should work just fine. The "error" is true for any media service across borders (e.g. Hulu, Netflix, etc)

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