Sony: “we’re not bulletproof” when it comes to PS4 network errors

Sony has apologised for the recent firmware problems and admitted it faces issues with its expanding global network.

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Major_Nailson1345d ago

Sony, no need to apologize. You've been remarkable this generation bringing us the best exclusives, PS plus service and online service. You've revolutionized the industry with share play.
If anything, the Playstation brand deserves more recognition and we should be paying more homage. Even those that only game on a Wii U, xbox one or PC should show its respect for what Sony has done for the industry. If it wasn't for playstation, we wouldn't have games period in my opinion.

I stated this before and I will say it again, I get emotional about this topic because of the childhood experiences Sony exclusives gave me. I grew up without friends, family and gaming has been the only "person" there for me. PS4 deserves it's respect for being the best console in years.

I don't know man, I'm just ready to give up on this's depressing me how the community treats our company. I can't take this anymore. Maybe I should take a break from these forums/websites because it's stressing me out.

Big_Game_Hunters1345d ago

wow.... that was painful to read. The fact that they are charging for PSN means they better apologize.
The idea of having to pay for a srevice that is so naturally fragile is just dumb. LIVE has been messsing up a bit too even with years of MS developing it as a paid online.

XboxOneX1345d ago

Even the Xbox Live service with 300,000 servers and amazing service sometimes has the odd time it will go down for a few seconds. I think that the PSN and XBL servers are very good overall.

DarthZoolu1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Who said anything about Microsoft? Sony themselves apologize And PlayStation fanboys still will not accept that criticism. PlayStation has not come out with any HIGH QUALITY Sony exclusives this year neither have they provided a good network to justify paying for PlayStation Plus service but yet everybody is Riding them. Hype and Fanboyism is crazy.

-Alpha1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

I dont frequently experience maintenance time, though that's likely due to the hours I sign on.

What absolutely frustrates me though, is PSN messages take ages to send, receive, and refresh. It's a massive buggy experience that makes it incredibly frustrating to send a few back and forth messages.

I just want to at least Sony hear acknowledge this issue.

It's no secret that Sony isn't an OS company, but it becomes an annoyance when we pay $50. The rest mode issue seems like a weird oversight, and I get the feeling that they rushed out the update since Shareplay is something they are advertising in the U.K. for the holidays, but it would be nice to get Xbox-like monthly updates and communication. Maybe they should move the OS updates out of Japan, as it feels difficult for most fans to communicate with them.

SoapShoes1345d ago

@Darth "Sony themselves apologize And PlayStation fanboys still will not accept that criticism. PlayStation has not come out with any HIGH QUALITY Sony exclusives this year neither have they provided a good network to justify paying for PlayStation Plus service but yet everybody is Riding them. Hype and Fanboyism is crazy."

Who is not accepting it, there are plenty here agreeing with them and pointing out no one is bulletproof. Don't try to use your opinion as a fact, I have enjoyed some Sony made exclusives this year AND PS4 exclusives not by Sony. Get over yourself please, you're not the only one who exists in the world.

tlougotg1345d ago

Its life, all services on the big two get affected and now Sony more than Live because they have alot more ppl online at any given time given its numbers sold. Im never really drastically affected (except for that hack years ago for several months) Ps is doing so much now with Sony streaming games, Shareplay, online in general etc.... and it works most of the time so i dont complain.

MAULxx1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Paying to have access to your internet is just dumb.
I do it though.
I bought PS+ on PS3 for the monthly games. I don't pay for XBL anymore. Haven't for awhile.
Your right about XBL & PSN being paid services, people expect them to work. When PSN was free, there wasn't anything to complain about. It's free. Now, there's an expectation of it being better, working better because we are paying for it & I really can't disagree with that.

nucky641345d ago

yea, big game....they should apologize....kinda like when a company sells a console that has a defect rate of 30+ per cent....and continually denies the problem exists for over a year should have apologied - except they NEVER did.

Big_Game_Hunters1345d ago

I don't get it, one comment says i unnecessarily dragged in xbox live's problems and the other is pretty much saying i'm an xbox fanboy.... do people not know what unbiased opinions are?

But to answer your question zoulu, i bring up xbox as a second example to support my point that charging to play online is ridiculous simply because how unreliable such services are as a whole. Hell i have top speed comcast and even that acts up for minutes to hours at a time a few times a month.

user56695101344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

quick question. why are we paying for online when we already paying for it, plus games have no dedicated servers? why why why why why why? steam have the best service while doing everything for free

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Kos-Mos1345d ago

Are you being serious? Or maybe you`re just the ultimate fanboy?

u4one1345d ago

wow dude. You shouldn't be that emotionally invested in any company no matter how good they are. At the end of the day they are just there to make money. They aren't your friends. They are just simply filling supply where there is demand. Sure its cool stuff, but its just stuff.

"if it wasn't for Playstation we wouldn't have games, period"?? WTF? There were plenty of games being made decades before Playstation...

DarthZoolu1345d ago

preach brother this fanboyism has gotten so out of control.

Mikelarry1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Dude chill, You may have your reasons to love Sony and what not but truth is They are not perfect which is the point the sony rep is trying to make.

Also try not to let other people's opinion on the net affect you so much that you feel you need to be depressed. While there are some mean people outt there some critics offer thier opinion to better companies

Irishguy951345d ago

Holy ****, you should take a break from gaming in general and go to a psycho therapist. Not even joking.

marlinfan101345d ago

you're taking this entirely too serious if you get stressed out from sites like this. how does the "community" treat sony any worse than other companies? ps4s been getting a lot of love this gen.

have you not seen the non stop hate that MS has gotten over the past year? its just recently started to turn around for them, but the hates been strong ever since the announcement of x1. i couldn't imagine how you'd feel if you had the same connection to xbox as you do playstation.

theres always people that are gonna bash a console and not like it, but who really cares? if you enjoy the ps4, then great, enjoy it. don't worry about what other people have to say about it

EvilWay1345d ago

Our company? You have shares in Sony? Doubt it which means you don't have to be blind to the problems Sony has

TheOneWhoNaccs1345d ago ShowReplies(2)
lemoncake1345d ago

Crazy how much power a company can have over a person, super scary.

ReturnToSanity1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Troll comment of the month. I never understood how Sony fans can be so naive. PS4 had DRM too, they just quietly removed it whole Microsoft was getting put on blast. Sony are not heros and they lie a lot, they are a business company and are looking to make a profit. Drive Club was a prime example.

gangsta_red1345d ago

Hmmm...I really did this whole N4G commenting thing wrong.

The fact that this guy can run around posting nonsense like this and have 5 bubbles is beyond amazing.

Good job mods.

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mochachino1345d ago

Neither company is bulletproof when it comes to networks.

Kal-V31345d ago

Correction, NO COMPANY is bulletproof when it comes to networks. Sony and MS included.

donthate1345d ago

No, but MS can handle far more bullets than Sony before piercing the armor.

However to me, the stability and performance of a network is hugely important, but also almost equally important is the companies response to fixing the problem and communicating that effectively.

If you notice, MS has:

* a website section dedicated to informing you of network problems and status for repair
* phone, forum, email and twitter access for support by a real person
* actively fixing problems and responding to the issues with clear communication

Contrast that with Sony that has been pretty much p!ssing on their customers with the DriveClub debacle, I can say that I am not huge fan right now. Still waiting for my purchased copy of DriveClub with PS+!

MeteorPanda1345d ago

you missed something important here. Microsoft also handles operating systems. They already have the software,networking,etc engineers at their disposal, Sony, on the other hand, has no such thing.

Off that big difference l say Sony is handling themselves as best as they could. There's no other department such as the playstations network within sony, unlike Microsoft with it's dozens which can respond in a crisis.

Also...Sony has a support and call number..what the hell are you saying with "* phone, forum, email and twitter access for support by a real person "

donthate1344d ago


When a startup can rapidly scale up with no issues using the cloud and build an entire business, there is no reason in this day and age that Sony cannot scale up as well.

Problem is again, I don't think Sony is attracting top notch engineers on top of the fact that they probably wouldn't know what that looks like!

Sony as a company isn't appealing to work for. It's like HP now instead of sexy Facebook, MS, Google or the myriad of other startups.

-Foxtrot1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Nice to see them being honest but no offence but they need to buck their ideas up with PSN, I'm sick to death of logging on and seeing its down only to see on here that its more planned matience or unplanned ones.

u4one1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

I feel like PSN in general is a sneeze away from crashing. They need some solid scalable infrastructure put in place. Sure XBL has problems too but they tend to be less frequent and usually get fixed faster. If PSN is going to charge, it should be at least on comparable performance and its just simply not yet.

Jaqen_Hghar1345d ago

It's been comparable since 2008. PS+ has lots more and better free games and had them earlier. These little difference don't bother a man at all and it has shareplay as another advantage.

donthate1345d ago

To be fair, PSN got hacked due to unpatched servers back in 2011 (?). This is a common and vital security task.

I remember mocking around with PSN api to get trophies and etc, and it is just ugly so I don't expect it to change anytime soon. Essentially for Sony to upgrade their network, they need to upgrade their staff and start hiring MS (or Amazon, Goolge or even Facebook) engineers, but I don't see how Sony can compete and attract that talent.

It's not sexy to work for Sony and pay is likely sh!t compared to others, so I think Sony needs to spin off Playstation division. Make it underdog and startup exciting again to work there and reward with stock options!

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081345d ago

At least somebody is admitting that their network is not bulletproof from having issues. Sony has earn more of my respect due to this.

ArtificiallyYours1345d ago

Okay? Nobody is, apologizing won't make the errors any less painful.

Spotie1345d ago

But it's nice to hear them own up to it, rather than pretending nothing is going on, or blaming their consumers.

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