We Just Played: Far Cry 4 (PS4) - First 30 minutes

All the bears, all the feels. Whether you’re roaming the Himalayan country side or driving your car down a ravine, rest assured that there will be animals there ready to tear you apart. Here are the first 30 minutes of Far Cry 4 for your grizzly pleasure (we love bears).

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1195d ago
SquidBuck1195d ago

this game is absolutely gorgeous!

LightofDarkness1195d ago

This game will be fine, performance wise, it's using the same engine as FC3 so there was little risk of it all going haywire á la ACU. It is basically FC 3.5, but there's not too much wrong with that. The next game better bring more differences and improvements to the table, though.

iSuperSaiyanGod1195d ago

Who ever was playing really sucked lol

jspsc1231194d ago

he kept hitting the cage

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