Were the ‘old’ games really better or is it nostalgia?

Do you know that feeling you get when looking back at your childhood and remembering all those great games you played back then on your good old SNES, Playstation (PS1) or N64? The joy you felt when Cloud beat the hell out of Rufus in ‘Final Fantasy VII’ or when you completed that nasty dungeon in ‘A Link to the Past’?

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Chuk51407d ago

I played Super Metroid and beat it for the first time a month ago (sega kid). Still immaculately designed.

Yi-Long1407d ago

The BIG AAA-games back then were 'better', if only for the simple fact that you bought a COMPLETE game which in most cases was already completely tested and done when it was released to stores and customers.

Nowadays, you buy games that are incomplete cause they're already nickel-and-diming you 5 seconds after release, plus these days it also seems normal to release buggy broken games, which they'll 'patch' in the months post-release.

Every game these days seems to receive a 'day 1 patch'.

Jdoki1407d ago

It's not about being 'better', it's about how the game made the player feel at that point in time versus how similar games make you feel now. Some of that is down to those old games giving us new game play types or genres or whatever, but some of it is more than just nostalgia.

For example... Super Mario 64 on the N64... I tried playing it recently and whilst it is still good, there are many aspects that are clunky and have been surpassed by other games in the genre. But in terms of the experience when I played it - I've not felt as blown away by any 3D platformer since. There was literally nothing else like it at the time and everything since has felt like an iteration or clone.

How many games have really given me a moment like the first time I picked up a Super Leaf in Super Mario Bros 3 and flew through a level!? Very few. Now it's all about being blown away by graphics, not game play innovation.

The beach assault mission in Call of Duty 2 looks dated - but at the time it was a visceral and epic heart pounding experience. The closest I got to that in a war-based FPS was Call of Duty 4, with the 'All Ghillied Up' mission and the nuclear explosion bit. Not a lot has come close since in any FPS, and I could still go back to CoD 2 and happily play that mission.

Morrowind still kicks the crap out of any Elder Scrolls game since because of all the crazy stuff you can do - even if Skyrim looks phenomenal and is a great game. If Morrowind was released today with the same game play, but new graphics - it would be hailed as a great RPG.

As good as Mass Effect, Dragon Age etc are - I recently played Knights of the Old republic again on iPad, for the first time since playing it on the original XBox. It STILL holds up brilliantly against those more modern games.

Nostalgia be damned!

VER1ON1407d ago

I agree with those statements :)

Spotie1407d ago

Mostly nostalgia. Seems like we're spoiled these days. We know far too much about games before we play them, so they tend to feel less impressive to us.

kalkano1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

When people say "it's just nostalgia", they're simply trying to belittle the opinions of others. Nothing more.

And by the way, I recently replayed FF7 for the umpteenth time. I still love it as much as the first time I played it, when I was in middle school.