Sony reveals new playable titles for the PlayStation Experience

Contains a recently compiled list of some of the titles that will be playable at the Sony PlayStation event.

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KrisButtar1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Not a single game I would be interested in. Looks like the Vita gets no love. What ever happened to that Mad Max game?

pedrof931220d ago

Roundabout seems to be the worst, the rest looks cool.

thekhurg1220d ago Show
G20WLY1220d ago

This is just an update of the list on the official blog, which is being added to as we approach the event.

They're not going to start with the best games, they're going to end with them, to gradually build the hype.

And let's not forget the one(s) that won't be announced beforehand at all. We'll have to watch the event to find out more there!

GribbleGrunger1220d ago


You do know that Indie is short for Independent Studio, right? It has nothing to do with quality, genre or ambition. I'll take No Man's Sky, Journey, The Witness, Rime, Wild and Unfinished Swan, and you can have Assassin's Creed: Unity, a AAA title.

ABizzel11220d ago


They already have Uncharted 4, The Order, No Man's Sky, Destiny (DLC), Bloodbourne, Until Dawn, Mortal Kombat, Battlefield HL, Batman AK, The Witness, Tearaway Unfolded, and Planetside 2 confirmed.

So no, you didn't figure as much.

thekhurg1220d ago


I'll take Dragon Age, Witcher 3, Killzone, God of War, Uncharted, Fallout, Elderscrolls, The Order, Gears of War, Halo, Destiny, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Lords of the Fallen, Fable, Ryse, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Castlevania, Last of Us, Diablo, etc...

All AAA games, over any indie game on the market.

ninsigma1220d ago Show
GribbleGrunger1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )


The point is, Indie isn't a standard, it's just short for Independent Studio. People who think that Indie is the definition of low quality, as you clearly do, are misinformed and narrow minded. You need rid your head of the old idea that Indies are just 8-bit graphics and open your eyes.

Rime is an open world game, Wild is an open world game as large as Europe and No Man's Sky is an endless universe to explore. There is NO set criteria that defines an Indie other than to mean the studio is free from corporate pressure.

If the above were released without any mention of the studio behind them being 'independent', no one would be the wiser and this whole debate would be exposed for the hypocrisy (and snobbery) it really is. As well as an extremely convenient U-turn from last generation.

KrisButtar1220d ago

I would like to see some more No Man's Sky or maybe them showing more Vita games are coming to the west instead of being eastern exclusives.


There is nothing wrong with Indies. Some are good and some are bad just like those games you listed. The ones they listed just don't cater to my tastes. Out of the games you listed I only like a few of those and the rest I would lump into the ones in the article as I'm not Interested.

thekhurg1220d ago


Small studios don't have production budgets to sell systems and get the bulk of gamers to care about the product. Sony's focus on indie games this generation is starting to become a downside to the console instead of a positive SIDE feature. To date, they've spent more time discussing/showing indie titles then they have showing off block buster AAA titles.

No Man's Sky or whatever isn't going to sell consoles. God of War will.

Army_of_Darkness1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )


I agree. God of war IV will definitely be a system seller for the hardcore/ average gamers but from what I'm seeing, it appears that Sony is pushing indie games to attract the casual market in a sense because when you think about it, where and what are most of them currently doing these days??
downloading and playing indie games on their Ipad, tablet and smartphones. So what better way to get their attention than to advertise what they may be more familiar and interested in right?
I'm waiting on AAA games as well like blood borne and the order, but indie games like child of light, anomaly 2 and outlast are all great also and shouldn't be overlooked either.

MysticStrummer1220d ago

@thekhurg - "No Man's Sky or whatever isn't going to sell consoles. God of War will."

As someone who enjoyed GoW 1,2, and 3… I'd buy a console to play No Man's Sky. After watching a lot of alpha footage I'd also buy a console for The Tomorrow Children. I want to see more of Wild but the reveal was enough to make me want the game badly so I'd probably buy a console for that as well.

God of War 4 would not sell me a console, because though I enjoyed GoW3 and the visuals were amazing I could tell I was tired of the series. Angry Kratos just seemed comical to me by that point. I hope if GoW comes back it will be a different hero fighting a different pantheon of gods with a different weapon.

You list AAAs and say you'll take them over indies as if PS4 wouldn't get both, and 11 of those "AAA" games you listed don't interest me at all.

BattleAxe1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

It's unbelievable that the OP got so many disagrees by stating the obvious. Some people use their brains, while others fall in love with brand names.

That lineup of games was not very good at all. As a current and long time PS2 & PS3 owner, I could see what Sony was about to do with their business model pretty much at the time they launched the PS4, and some of you might be starting to catch on.

If it wasn't clear to some people before, it should start to become clear that the reason Sony has embraced independent studios like they have, is because Sony wants to produce less 1st party software, and instead they want to focus their sights on providing services that generate constant revenue, such as Playstation Plus, Playstation Now and Playstation Vue. Surely people must be wondering where the true AAA first party game announcements have been lately..

When you look at their first part exclusives which have released on PS4, you can see that the overall quality of the games isn't quite what it was on the PS3. Whether it's Driveclub or Killzone: Shadow Fall, you can clearly see that there wasn't the same kind of care and attention that went into these games like we experienced with Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Motorstorm and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift.

When you think about Uncharted 4, and you look at what Sony did with Uncharted 3, with the massive amounts of micro-transactions, and then making the multiplayer portion of the game F2P, you have to wonder if Uncharted 4 be going down the road of less content up front, with loads of DLC to purchase the day after release, and over the following year. Not having Amy Hennig as part of the team is sure to be a blow to the story telling, although I'm sure the graphics will look terrific.

To date, it would seem that Infamous has been the shining star for the PS4, but there isn't much else to look farward to. Bloodborne looks good so far, but it's been pushed back, and we all know that in the last year and a half, that when a game gets pushed back, there's something wrong. We've all been disappointed with so many over-hyped game releases in the last year, that I would recommend that people not get overly excited about Bloodborne or Unchated 4 until people have had a chance to play each game, and to see how much content is included with each game up front.

For those of you who are die hard PS4 fans, I sure hope you like playing indie games, because that's exactly what you're going to be getting a whole lot of this generation on PS4, and that's in addition to a whole lot of subscription services.

MaxKingoftheWild1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

@battleaxe, take the tinfoil hat off or at the very least go back under the bridge. You are comparing launch titles to games that came out years after ps3 launched. Do you remember resistance (which at the time was a solid launch game and all ps4 games just annihilate that), genji or ridge racer? Yea...

But just to correct ALL of your points:
1. OP got disagreed with for stating misinformation because....
2. The list is incomplete
3. Sony is providing as much first party games as ever before. In fact, they have already produced way more this time in ps4s life than it did during ps3, so let me correctly what I just said. They are producing more than ever before.
4. They are embracing indies because it's cheap, bolsters their line up with enjoyable games, indies are future talent prospects and indies are eager to have people play what they've created, so they are willing to partner with Sony for exposure.
5... Aw fuck this... I think every gets the point that you're a pathetic troll

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LordMaim1220d ago

It's almost as though they're saving some of the big announcements for closer to the show to build word of mouth, like... some sort of promotional campaign or something.

ShadowWolf7121220d ago

Well the guys at the PS Blog seem to disagree with you.

KrisButtar1220d ago

+Bubble. Thanks for the heads up. Its good to see they haven't dropped it yet.

theDivision1220d ago

I am interested in the mad max game as well so if you get any info let me know.

lelo2play1220d ago

I hope Sony has a bunch of AAA exclusives to show, otherwise PlayStation Experience is going to be disappointing.

dragon821220d ago

For you maybe. Some of the best games I have ever played have been indie games. I have been gaming since 1985 though. Had and Atari and Pong machine to play on until I got my NES for christmas.

lelo2play1220d ago


Yes, there are quite a few indies I like, but I didn't purchase my PS4 for indies. I already had the best platform for indie and multiplatform games, PC.
I purchased my PS4 for AAA exclusives from Sony. What's the point of having a PS4 if not for exclusives?

S2Killinit1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

I wouldn't worry about AAA. Sony always delivers the games. the fact that they also have indie, is not taking anything away from your AAAs. Its just the cherry on top. You can look at the released games on all consoles and it is clear that PS4 has more games released, more games to be released, more games in AAA, and more games in indie categories. It just has more games. here is a list in case you want to look it up and find out yourself.

Released games:

to be released:

Free games:

New IPs:

Happy gaming.

andibandit1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )


"Its just the cherry on top"

Feels more like that cherry is the main dish.

And yes it does interfere, because instead of consumers complaining they defend and say "oh so many indie games to play, it's like heaven"... and I get to hear yet another story about how great Resogun is....

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k3rn3ll1220d ago

Mad Max is still in production. The developers for that just announced Just Cause 3 the other day. I think they have a few studios though. So they are probably going simultaneously. I'd imagine that should get footage or a release date soon as you've been able to pre order for awhile now

XanderZane1220d ago

Lots of Indie games. I still would give Kin a go anyways. Hey $10 - $15 for a decent game isn't a bad thing. Where the heck is Rime & Helldivers. No Man's Sky is next year maybe.

rayzorn1220d ago

man i havent heard a thing about helldivers for awhile. i hope its going good. i was really looking forward to that game.

XanderZane1214d ago

Yeah me to. Rime, Helldivers & No Man's Sky were the 3 Indies from Sony E3 last year that I really wanted this year. Rime and Helldivers were slated to be released THIS YEAR. I don't know what's going on with them. Oh well. I'm enjoying Steamworld Dig & Escape Plan for now.

1220d ago
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bez871220d ago

Hmmmmm there all Indies, honestly give me some AAA games please, I love indies as much as the next guy but god dam, it ain't selling me on the PS4, I do have a PS4 because I know the big hitters will come but all this indies is killing me waaaaaayyyyy to much indies for my liking.

Having said that, I'm actually loving the first game "Armikrog" looks really interesting, now that is something new and fresh from the indie seen.

thanhgee1220d ago

Why would Sony announce their new IPs before playstation experience? Those indie games announced are to build up for something bigger, I mean they won't just announce all their new IPs and then talk about the indies being released after that.

True_Samurai1220d ago

Well they did say there will be a heavy indie focus at the event

strickers1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Learn to spell AND games in boxes like a moron. Play games you like but don't let the budget decide it. Stupid indeed.

Qrphe1220d ago

Did you bother to look into them? They all sound incredibly fun. They're even trying new things your yearly AC, CoD and Fifa will never bother to do.

MajorGecko1220d ago

why does the sony defence force always have the most bubbles?

dragon821220d ago

Because they don't say stupid things like "Sony defense force". - bubble

kenshiro1001220d ago

Why does the Microsoft Defense Force troll? See what I did there?

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joeorc1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Bla ..Bla .again with the "just another indie game" we want more AAA games.. than when you do get them you complain about.. Nothing new, or its just a watered down port...its just getting; at this point Silly. The fact you have not even tried the [email protected] game in the first place = complacent Gamers today, you want something new ,but yet complain when you get it?

all studios start off as...wait for it..indies in one time or another..
the fact many "so called gamers" will just complain without even trying the [email protected] game in the 1st Place , shows just how much of a gamer they really are.

Kribwalker1220d ago

The problem with a majority of indies, I'm not saying all, but a large amount are 2d sidescrolling games that other then minor gameplay or graphical differences are the same games. There are exceptions that are fantastic games, but there is a lot of shovelware

Bhuahahaha1220d ago

so whats the difference with those triple a shooter and free roam action games?

joeorc1220d ago

Not true at all because there is a ton of indies that have nothing to do with the 2d side scrolling type games, as a matter of fact there are far more RPG and more open world games being built on the unity3d game engine now more than 2d side scrolled games. Which many indie developers and even big publishers are using and have used unity 3d for quite a bit more that 2d side scrolling games.

I do not get where the idea that is the main type of game for indies are 2d side scrolled games, because its not for indies

Stapleface1220d ago

Most of the indies I've played over the past few years have not been anywhere close to a side scroller. Granted I'm talking about pc, but that's where a lot of them get their start then they make their way to consoles. DayZ is Indie, not a side scroller. I bring this one up because it's supposed to come to consoles. Star Citizen also comes to mind, now that may never come to consoles but still worth mentioning here because of the over all super high quality of everything they have produced for that game so far. Independent of a publisher like Activision, EA, or ffs Ubisoft. Quality we may not see from AAA titles for years to come. Crowd funded, but Independently developed.

Bhuahahaha1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

hehehe i like indie games its where developer got to do what they think and vision of what they really want in it.

im interested at toren

sometimes a indie worth 10-20$ has more value than a broken full retail 60$ aaa with micro-transaction title