Ubisoft Removes Multiplayer From Far Cry 4 Map Editor, But It Could Be Added Post-Release

Ubisoft's Far Cry 4 only allows to create single players maps at launch with the editor, but there's hope to enable multiplayer maps later.

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Festano1405d ago

What a shame, Ubi trying to push DLC for MP. I hope they add this back soon given the outrage that's happening..

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

SERIOUSLY UBISOFT?! YOU GET DUMBER BY THE MINUTE. You should have been the cast for Dumb and Dumber To

Palitera1405d ago

Yeah, I'm definitely not a guy that goes blindly with the love and hate trends, but...


micx1405d ago

More like greedier, and then the greed blinds them.

Finch1405d ago

I wish I could cancel my digital pre order. I did not believe they would be so stupid to not put it in when I ordered it.

I heard this story before we are never going to see it get updated.

Imp0ssibl31405d ago

At this point I have to believe that Ubi is just trying to replace EA's spot of most hated gaming company

shammgod1405d ago

With Dragon Age looking great and getting praise and AC unity having all types of issues, i think this transition is already taking place

torchic1405d ago

you are kinda right. EA saw that Battlefield: Hardline was nowhere near ready for Holiday 2014 and surprisingly delayed it, when maybe in the past they would've shipped it in a mess.

ManAnimalX1404d ago

Just the flavor of the Month next to EA, I know it sucks trust me I agree....but NO ONE does it as dirty as EA when it comes to publishers.

No One. EA is number 1 for Life.

micx1405d ago

Someone should tell them they're trying too hard.

-Foxtrot1405d ago

Just keep digging Ubisoft

Aurenar1405d ago

Praise the "New Ea"! Go home Ubisoft, you're drunk.
My advice is to boycott all games by this publisher or boycott all the DLC. But there are too many people who do not think like that out there.

Alexious1405d ago

Turning down good games just because of a few decisions isn't easy to do for most gamers.

spacedelete1405d ago

gamers are like addicts thats true but theres plenty of games releasing in November making a boycott easy.

Farmassy1405d ago

I will not be getting farcry 4 until they had multiplayer to the map editor. This is a huge reason why I want the game. The single player is great but the map editor is so indepth that the possibilities are endless. People can create some really great gaming experiences

KrisButtar1405d ago

I boycott DLC from everyone not just Ubisoft. :)

ManAnimalX1404d ago


"But there are too many people who do not think like that out there."

... that is clearly the problem and the Interactive Entertainment Industry called Video Gaming knows it too.

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The story is too old to be commented.