Final Fantasy XV Probably Getting More Beautiful Tech Demo Videos

The title of the official version of the latest Final Fantasy XV tech demo video indicates that there are more coming.

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vishmarx1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

i love what this director is doing with the game.
the biggest discontent was regarding how little we knew about the game and now we have new gameplay every month and are getting a demo in exactly 4 months
so surreal!

hopefully jump fiesta shows something other than a duscae demo,
maybe a summon or col leonis or a new region

Irishguy951199d ago

I hope they keep Cor under wraps, show one summon(a weak one) and don't show too much of anything after the first...I dunno 1/5 of the game? I hate spoilers

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1199d ago

@vishmarx: I agree with the part about it being a great thing that director Hajime Tabata is being so transparent about the game and showing some amazing gameplay footage. However I don't want them to show too much about the middle and later parts of the game quite yet as far as gameplay demos go although a story trailer would be nice so we can get a taste of some of the other environments in the game and other stuff. This game is shaping up to be everything I have been wanting from a next gen Final Fantasy game and love every single thing they have showed us so far.

PizzaSteve1199d ago

I think the wait for this game will be worth it. It really looks great. I think the same is happening to The Last Guardian. The old PS3 build must have been trashed and being rebuild ground up for PS4.

ps360s1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

I'm glad this is coming along nicely, the first FF game since FF10 that I am excited about :) can't wait...pre-ordered FF Type 0 HD to get this demo

I have never giving up on this and was always expecting it to be good

MeteorPanda1199d ago

can't wit to play forzea with pitstops XD

Jk's aside, l am excited...l've been waiting for this game since advent children had that trailer in there, lol.

Kumomeme1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

keep releasing official hd version square...