FIFA 15 becomes the 14th title to block PS4's SharePlay

FIFA 15 has become the latest game to block the SharePlay feature for PlayStation 4.


Sony has since confirmed that FIFA 15 is not blocked but that multiple titles have been experiencing issues with SharePlay. Sony has now resolved these issues and SharePlay should be working for everyone again.

The article has been updated accordingly.

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THC CELL1412d ago

Not Gunna be good, why did ea let sony advertise it on the Share play ads then oh sony going to be annoyed at them for that

Palitera1411d ago

In the end, I believe it is more to hide the game from potential costumers than to make people buy and keep two (or more) copies.

They obviously know everything is overhyped, and usually very average and unimaginative in this industry.

In other words, IMO they are not so worried that a second player that likes the game won't buy it as they are that this second person will actually find out the game is not that good.

ForgottenProphecy1411d ago

I just played FIFA 15 through share play... you must be experiencing the glitch that disabled shareplay for some users

sigfredod1411d ago

How This get approved ? First this site is not the source , second its fake there is people that still can share fifa 15 and there is already a stament about technical difficulties preventing people to do it, not block by EA

OculusRift1411d ago

Exactly, I just played some last week. They must be in different regions (Or bought the game from a different region) or something.

Snookies121411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I'm more of a PES guy myself. That sucks for FIFA fans though, if true.

supersonicjerry1411d ago

lol whats the point of share play if they keep blocking out games?

XanderZane1411d ago

LOL!! Only Sony's 1st party games and a few 3rd party exclusives will be support this feature when all is said and done. The lag using Wifi is pretty bad anyways and games resolution drops to a paltry 720P 30fps. I don't see any point of using it except to show the game to friends. They need faster streaming, especially over WiFi.

GameDev11411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

"I don't see any point of using it except to show the game to friends"

Errr isnt that one of its main purposes?? alongside allowing that player to take control of the game you are showing them

And depending on your internet speed your experience will vary, I shareplayed Drive club with few lag with someone in America (I am in Europe) but I have a great modem and extremely enjoyed it. I watched someone play Last of Us off my Shareplay and extremely enjoyed his playthrough

I enjoy shareplay so much, but others might have weaker connections and will not have the same experience as me

As for game support, a huge amount of games will end up supporting it any way, developers will likely block it when the game is out new then get it back up again after some sales are gained, this is obvious

As par the 14 games, this is very little compared to all the games out on PS4 right now

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The story is too old to be commented.