Digital downloads are changing the way we buy, sell and distribute games

MWEB GameZone writes: "When the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched last year in the UK, gamers were "unprepared for the next-gen console broadband needs." There is no way to get around the broadband requirements for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and massive next-gen video game releases.

We take a look at how the digital age has changed gaming."

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DesVader1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Its been about 5 years since I last bought a physical copy of a PC game.... And I a very happy for it. It was getting a bit silly all the space that my games were taking up. Steam sales and Humble Bundles also help this trend along :)

lord zaid1409d ago

I game mostly on console and I'm going to miss my boxed collection when the time comes

Jurat1408d ago

Agreed; I would always opt for the digital version of any entertainment media. My shelves crammed full of books, CDs, DVDs and videgames is long gone, liberated by cloud services that allow me to access all my content when and where I want. My living room is also much tidier.

schmoe1409d ago

I am so in love with digital downloads. Have not lost or damaged a game disc in years :-)

TRD4L1fe1408d ago

If i cant trade or sell my games then Im not gonna buy it. Nothing can ever take the place of physical copies and having my collection built up for everyone to see and i also havent lost or damaged a game in years.

I really hope digital downloads doesnt take the place of physical

Eldyraen1408d ago

It won't take it away completely but like PC games it will be harder to find physical at some point (less stores carry them or less stock) or some games go digital only.

I only buy a few physical copy games nowadays and console wise most I do I Keep from Gamefly. PC physicals I can skip unless I find it convenient to preorder when buying something else (usually say a PC part from newegg--what I did for DA3/W3 long ago). I don't see the need for getting rid of physical entirely as there will be a market forever but eventually, like PC today, it will be a niche moreso than the norm. I don't see it changing to that extreme for a while but digital is more popular than ever.

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Jonny5isalive1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

yeah the PC game section at the best buy where I bought many greats like half life, unreal tournament, diablo 2 and deus ex now is only a tiny area where they sell sub cards and blizzard games.

lord zaid1408d ago

You can't fault the pricing and convenience of digital, but I'm really missing those manuals and new disc smell

Nerdmaster1408d ago

Nowadays not even physical games are coming with manuals anymore.

Volkama1408d ago

You can certainly fault the pricing of digital on the consoles. It's the biggest thing holding them back.

Summons751408d ago

How do you lose or damage a game disc, do you have no respect for your things? I love my physical, don't have to worry about losing them when a service goes away or games get taken down and they are 100% mine. Don't have to worry about having the available memory and I have a nice collection of games on nice self. The only system that is being slowly turned to digital only is my 3DS. I don't it that much and only really care about a few games which mean when it's time to sell they are the first to go and 6 months to a year later I'm kicking myself. Plus digital 3ds games make it easier to carry around without dozens of carts with me.

Volkama1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

My son managed to fit 8 discs into a PS3.

I could store games in high places or behind lock and key, but that only highlights the advantage of not having to find and insert a disc in the first place.

Summons751408d ago

@ Volama

Or you could just teach your son not to do stupid things. My daughter knows that she isn't allowed to touch any games or movies unless they are her dvds. She's 4 but she has known this since she was 2. She also knows how to handle the dvd properly so it doesn't get beat up.

Volkama1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Yeah I'm a terrible father with terrible children.

You have convinced me that having hundreds of game boxes and discs in the house is the future. I will start cherishing shiny things immediately.

Of course I'll need to put up a lot more shelving units, but I'm sure they will look really good.

LackTrue4K1408d ago

@ TRD4l1fe.

Do you still use cassette player?? Or CD players in your car and in your every day carry??

rainslacker1408d ago

I still buy CD's. Digital just surpassed physical sales on CD's last year, so it's not like there aren't a lot of people who still prefer to own their stuff.

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neocores1408d ago

Sooner or later there will be a digital trade in for both companys either buy gamestop or buy sony/mircosoft. It has to happen and i know for a fact that it will happen.

LightofDarkness1408d ago

It's required by EU law, so they'll have to do it here soon. Green Man Gaming do it with Steam games, and Steam allows you to digitally resell your games to other users for a small fee.

LightofDarkness1408d ago

Pity they're not changing the prices. On console, anyway. On PC I've been buying digital for about 5-6 years now and haven't looked back. The pricing is spot on most of the time and the sales are wonderful. Plus, this is the only way I could feasibly own and store about 400 games in my bedroom. Especially if you consider how big PC game boxes used to be.

MetroidFREAK211408d ago

All 13 of my Xbox One games are digital, and I don't regret it one bit

Eldyraen1408d ago

Unless I Keep a copy from Gamefly I am doing this as well (same for ps4). Gamefly is still too great of a deal for me to drop my subscription but some games I want day 1 without waiting for shipping.

Physicals are nice but they add up fast if you buy a lot and don't trade/sell your games.

MetroidFREAK211408d ago

I like having retro physical games, but today's generation I like digital for the convience

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