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The Samurai Warriors series is officially ten years old. Warriors games tend to get a bad rap outside of the East, but Samurai Warriors especially so. “It’s just another Dynasty Warriors” or “It’s the boring version of Sengoku Basara”. It’s tough being the little brother of a company’s flagship franchise, but on the franchise’s tenth anniversary, Samurai Warriors is ready to step out into the limelight. With a bevy of new features and characters, the little brother is ready to make his mark.

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ShowGun9011408d ago

to anybody interested in jumping into a warriors game for the first time, this is a really good entry! ive been playing it since launch with my wife, and having a blast!

great game, deserves the praise its getting (not enough of it though!)

Enmson1408d ago

Good to know that this is a good game, it's on my radar :)

But does the story mode support split screen? sorry if it was confirmed it's because the last Samurai Warriors game i played was on PS2, and i really want to buy this.

SoapShoes1408d ago

Yes there is split screen and I have really been loving this game.

Enmson1408d ago

@SoapShoes Awesome! thanks for the reply!

ShowGun9011408d ago

also, with PS4's share play, you can play split screen with someone who is at their house, even if they don't own the game. was doing that this weekend! it works great!

DivineAssault 1408d ago

Just bought it... tried out chronicle mode & its a bit slow for me so im going to do story mode 1st