Fallout 4 VGX Announcement Coming On Strong?

Bethesda has yet to confirm Fallout 4 for production despite the huge anticipation and hype shown by the fans. This was the case until yesterday, when a leak image somehow hints that Fallout 4 is in development.

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Paytaa1374d ago

There has been numerous articles based on that same tweet. I refuse to get my hopes up since I do that too much anytime Fallout 4 anything gets rumored/speculated. If anything I'll be shocked if it gets shown at VGA 2014.

nX1374d ago

Shocked is the right word, I wouldn't expect that already. They're certainly not working on last gen platforms and it's still a bit too early for a game like Fallout 4.

Pogmathoin1374d ago

I want this game so bad, but now cynical of anything about it as well now.... Just announce it...

gangsta_red1374d ago

I'm right there with Paytaa. We have been trolled since New Vegas of a Fallout 4. And everytime it never happens. No way am I going to even think that a new fallout is coming. NOPE!


*please..please...please be a new Fallout!!*

Roccetarius1374d ago

Probably another hoax like the rest of it was, while Bethesda didn't deny it to use it as free advertisement.

irishyort1374d ago

Definitely wont be an announcement. Bethesda people have even stated there wont be another Fallout anytime soon

Apocalypze1374d ago

Anybody here wants a fallout game for ps vita on the go? Would be amazing!

irishyort1374d ago

@apocalypze dont know why you got the disagrees. I'd frikken love it!

I love Borderlands 2 for my Vita. Cant stop playing it. Fallout on Vita would ruin my free time but i dont care

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