Halo MCC Failure, Assassin's Creed: Unity Framerate & Blood Dragon 2 | Craigheadpro LIVE!

CraigheadPro Live discusses the launch failure of Halo: Master Chief Collection by 343 Industries. The launch failure of Assassin's Creed: Unity. The new MOBA called Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment and how Ubisoft will not be making Blood Dragon 2 which is a mod of Far Cry.

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boodi1369d ago

have halo mcc and really don't feel it is a failure ..

Benchm4rk1369d ago

The game may not be a failure but the launch was.

Farmassy1369d ago

I think this is the correct way of thinking about it. I know some people haven't had many issues (apparently it is region based) but I can not connect to a match at all sometimes.

When I do get through, the game is amazing... even better than I remember. The game is solid, its the servers that are lacking. This will change soon but the launch has been bad

Deathdeliverer1369d ago

I wonder why reviews don't include the horrendous match making that still makes the game unplayable online. I just want to get a few killtaculars. Is that too much to ask?

Blink_441369d ago

Was able to finally get into some Halo 2 matches today, but after every match my game would freeze and require me to restart the game. So sick of this BS.

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