PlayStation Exclusive Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- Story Mode Trailer Is Like Watching a Beautiful Anime

Arc System Works just released the story mode trailer of the upcoming Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-, that will hit the shelves in December.

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ShowGun9011224d ago

im the only person in my town of 14,000 who has pre-ordered this game, it looks completely awesome! cant wait to get my hands on this! Lets Rock!

Abriael1224d ago

You live in a sad, sad town >_>

Baka-akaB1224d ago

Wow and i thought i lived in a sad small town . Thus truth be told , an actual local community , however small , is at least around and ready for fighting games usually

telekineticmantis1223d ago

Probably because they didnt put Johnny or Anji in thegame:{. But ive been saying this for years, that they need to make an anime out of this(WITH JOHNNY)!

DivineAssault 1223d ago

There will most likely be more games with added characters or through dlc.. They always do that

dredgewalker1223d ago

Sad town indeed. GG is one of the best 2d fighting games I've played with a very deep combo system and cool over the top characters. I pray Potemkin is still part of the roster.

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slappy5081224d ago

I'm getting this from the US Psn store, I'm not counting on this game ever seeing light on the shelves here

ShowGun9011224d ago

i know, this series, and blazblue, dont get the praise they deserve. i love how every character is actually DIFFERENT... there isn't one single strategy you learn with Ragna that you can employ with Carl or Rachael. not. one. you actually have to learn each character seperately.

i hope this sells well. cant wait for it!

Inception1223d ago

Err did you skip the announcement from Aksys about digital and retail version of GG Xrd? They even announced limited edition with all the goddies

slappy5081223d ago

I know they did, but that's for 'Murica. I would've loved the CE, but there's no indication when it is being released in EU, hence me creating a US account to get digital. (I had to do the same for Samurai Warriors 4)

Remy_S1224d ago

Arc System makes the best fighting game story modes in the business.

Brazz1223d ago

they make the best fighting games. (Period)

trickman8881224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Will I need to play the previous GG game stories in order to understand the story for this game?

Inception1223d ago

Well the basic story itself isn't as convoluted as BlazBlue. But just in case, it's better if you play the 1st Guilty Gear just to know the basic story and gameplay.

But i heard there will be some kind of history mode in this game that explaining the story, world, characters, etc. So i think it's safe if you started from here. If you got confused with the timeline or something, just go to GG wikia to read all the details:

Brazz1223d ago

basic story in GG is a mess, if go on internet you can read and undrestand it better than in the games!

For this game... Ya don't need previous GG games, majority of the characters are introduced well in this GG, but yeah, some reading in internet can make some good conections!

Next GG > Justice rebirth! lol

DivineAssault 1223d ago

i cant wait for this game.. Its on PS4 too so im super pumped.. I loved GG & i love BB as well