PC World Review: Guitar Hero On Tour, Part One

PC World writes: "It's saying something when the worst you can yammer about a virtually intact mobile version of Guitar Hero is that you'll have to give your string-strummin' hand a breather every five songs or so. I've been playing Vicarious Visions' improbably-in-existence-at-all handheld rhythm game, and yes, it feels easier, yes it's less comfortable, yes it's way too short, and no it's definitely not as cool as swinging a plastic axe and pretending to shake a headful of sweaty hair-extensions. But what seemed utterly preposterous, nigh absurd to me a month ago, turns out to be pretty darned habit-forming.

On Tour costs $50 and comes with a plastic Guitar Grip that plugs into your DS Lite's Game Boy Advance slot (if you're gaming on an original DS, On Tour includes a simple plastic adapter). Sliding your left hand (or right -- there's a "lefty flip" mode) into the adjustable wrist strap, you curl your fingers around the grip, let them rest on the grip's four colored fret buttons, open the DS sideways so the top-bottom screens run left-right, and cradle it like a tiny book. Using a stylus shaped like a guitar pick with a slight tip on the tapered end, you strum a picture of a guitar on the right screen as colored markers scroll down the note highway. When you want to whammy, you rub the pick back and forth quickly on the screen, and when you want to trigger score-multiplying modifiers like "star power," you simply click a button, tap the Star Meter on the touchscreen, or with perilous social abandon (if you're playing in public, like I was when I tested this earlier) yell "Rock Out!" into the DS's mic."

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