GameArgus Review: Wall*E

GameArgus writes: "Over the years, game developers have come up with a number of off-beat concepts for a video game. Paperboy, in which players control a newcomer to the world of newspaper delivery in the world's more disturbed neighborhood is a solid example of an oddball, "never should have worked" title. Wall*E on the other hand is the offbeat concept gone horribly, horribly wrong.

For those who have seen the trailers or the film it's based on, you'll be well aware that Wall*E is a robot that collects garbage. That's the video game in a nutshell. Players traverse a littered Earth collecting trash to throw as various objects to move onto the next section."

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FCOLitsjustagame3820d ago

The movie is getting awesome ratings.
Seriously if they would just freaking put one ounce of actual effort into some of these games they would probably be suprised by how much money they could make. What is wrong with these people? [These people being the devs and publishers that put out this crp]