Gamedaily: Wall-E Review

Gamedaily writes: "Wall-E resembles stays true to the tone of the film. However, despite the fact that you can play as two characters alternatively (and sometimes together) – EVE and Wall-E – it never really rises above the usual platforming standard. You go through a stage, shoot things, solve puzzles by using particular objects and move along. There's very little reason to come back, outside of multiplayer and finding movie-related extras.

Eight hundred years in the future, Earthlings give up hope on the planet and leave for new accommodations in a spaceship far, far away. Upon their departure, they forget to turn off a Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class model robot – also known as Wall-E. He's been gathering garbage and cubing it into piles ever since, all by himself. He soon finds strange companionship, however, when the Earthlings dispatch an Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator – EVE – to check up on things."

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Chronopath3795d ago

so basically Wall-e is about as good as MGS4 according to some websites hahahaha