Glitches: Why are so many video games broken?

MWEB GameZone writes: "But this many games, with this many glitches? It can't just be bad luck. Developers have whole teams whose specific job it is to find bugs and glitches and I refuse to believe that all those teams are this bad at their jobs. I refuse to believe that a professional game development team, would willingly release their games in the incomplete states so many recent releases have been in.

"I refuse to believe that no one, not one person, on the Assassin's Creed Unity team saw Mr Melty Face. It's just not possible."

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HanCilliers1290d ago

One should think that with the technological age we're living in video game launches would become better, not worse.

lord zaid1290d ago

Its willful. They don't care about give us a good game. They just want our money

KyRo1290d ago

When patches Became the norm...

lord zaid1289d ago

Its one thing to release a game and know you have a fix ready. Its quite another to release a broken game and then tell people you're "aware and working on the problem". You aware well before that and did nothing and you weren't planning on doing anything either until a shitstorm happened

uth111289d ago

Nope, the trend with large software projects has always been the opposite. The bigger the game, the more complex the code and the more difficult it is to get right

plut0nash1290d ago

Too little time given to polish, that's why. Then again, patch management has improved a tonne as well.

CongoKyle1290d ago

NFL Tiny man was handled the best way though. They even made a video about it.

DesVader1290d ago

Not to mention the size of Day 1 patches!!

HanCilliers1290d ago

Good point, every game comes with a massive Day1 patch

Scatpants1290d ago

It's because they're hugely complicated massive undertakings that often involve hundreds of people to make. Sometimes there's problems. The studios are often required to hit deadlines by their publisher. Sometimes they can't make it.

MasterCornholio1289d ago

Its still not an excuse to release a broken product though.

lord zaid1289d ago

I understand that these game are complex, but if you know you aren't ready, then don't release the game. Don't make your problem - the inability to meet you deadline - the customers problem.

And granted, sometime issues do sneak through, but how can you release a game with obvious, clear and/or gamebreaking errors.

uth111289d ago

exactly. And often when you fix one problem, you cause another

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The story is too old to be commented.