Final Fantasy XV: Check Out The New Gameplay Video And Tech Demo In Glorious 1080p

GearNuke: "Square Enix has updated the official website of Final Fantasy XV and added these new videos in full HD 1080p."

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crazysapertonight1404d ago

100% gameplay from pc... and at the end quality will be lower..

AsheXII1404d ago

Game is running at under 1080p and only 70% of its final visuals.

HeavenlySnipes1404d ago

The video didn't look mindblowing visually

The textures were all high resolution and the lighting is great but that could easily be footage resembling what is going to be on the consoles. All that needs to be fixed is the framerate which looks like its in the 25-30s

Reddzfoxx1404d ago

I saw a lot more issues then that in the October Walkthrough video. I saw the guy in the left side back seats face glitch out and saw enemies pop in rather then being generated before.. then draw distance I saw a rock change shape all before the first minute was up.

I would hope that 15 second music isn't the only music on constant loop it gets real old real fast.

Not a very good job on behalf of Square- Enix I expect a much cleaner looking game when giving us looks at the game.

HeavenlySnipes1404d ago

I think they are giving us an early look just because of how long we've been waiting for this game

I doubt FFXV is even closed to finished, and I probably expect it to come out around Feb-March 2016. Seeing problems in recent demos shouldn't be worrying at all.

From what they've shown, we can expect a large open world kinda like we had with FF12 which was the last critically acclaimed FF game that Square put out. I personally am excited to see how this game turns out

kowan1404d ago

judging from the all the graphical limitations present, I doubt it. Aliasing, pop-ups, uneven(but not bad)fps, textures and reflections not loading in the distance. This is hmost likely what we'll see pretty much in the final version, graphically but with improvements even. Square-enix does not show graphics and lies about it, they deliver on that department. They're not Ubisoft.

jegheist20141404d ago

omg i want this now stop teasing me with htis like catnip in front of my face sqenix

xKugo1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

Game looks gorgeous..
Been waiting for this one so long; the wait is almost over.

CaspuR1404d ago

I hope the wait is almost over i kinda believe square enix now when they said ff7 remake would take them 20 years, ff15 took them 10.

Tiqila1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

I still don't like the japanese-boy-group-style of the protagonists and the combat system looks primitive and boring, but the world looks amazing and I love exploration in games.

This video makes me starting to feel a little hyped again, after I lost fate in the franchise due to the FF13 titles.

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