PlayStationLifeStyle Interview: NOVASTRIKE Developer Tiki Games

Q1: Can you tell us the history of Tiki Games and how the development team is organized?

Kevin J. McCann:
Tiki Games officially got its start in January, 2006. It began with a small team that included two programmers, an art director, and myself (serving as the producer and lead designer). Our first project was a game called Galaxy's End, a science-fiction real-time strategy game we were developing for the PSP.

As far as my team is concerned I wanted to avoid as much internal drama as possible so I hired people I had worked with in the past. Drama wasn't completely avoided, though – it seems to be a somewhat unavoidable element in the workplace.

Still, game development went pretty smoothly for the project – unfortunately finding a publisher didn't go nearly as smoothly. Once we got Galaxy's End to a playable state that demonstrated the minimum visual quality and control scheme I went shopping for a publisher – right about the time a number of publishers were backing off supporting the PSP. While Galaxy's End was received well in most demonstrations, we never could secure funding for it. I'm still hoping to finish it someday.

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