Halo: Master Chief collection cutting playlist to ease matchmaking problems

MWEB GameZone's Holden ZA writes," Halo: The Master Chief collection has been suffering since launch with matchmaking problems. 343 Industries have reacted by pulling some of the playlists to accommodate a smoother matchmaking process."

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lord zaid1411d ago

What the EFF is up with all these broken games? Seriously, its like glitches are the new go to feature.

HanCilliers1411d ago

You can say that again. I fear for FC4 :S

lord zaid1411d ago

The Far Cry team have been reliable so far. Let hope they can do it again.

Sneakybudda1411d ago

any game by ubisoft will have its problems just like any other its such a shame! I am worried about the division.

Starbucks_Fan1411d ago

Don't mind. Its running so much better now!

qwerty6761411d ago

cutting halo 4

good they realized no one wanted to play it anyway.

joselito66991411d ago

Wow are you serious, I was expecting a complete multiplayer experience....i Paid 60 bucks for a broken game? This is ridiculous....I'm disappointed but hopefully they can make this work.

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