What are the Best Wii U Games?

If you're wondering which Wii U games are the best, you've come to the right place. Team USG pick the ones they think are the best - and explain why.

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Geobros1341d ago

Wii U has great games so far!!

Big_Game_Hunters1341d ago

Pikmin 3 and W101 are underrated gems. IMO 3Dworld>Pikmin 3>W101> bayonetta2>DK:TP>Marioka rt 8. of course i think all those games are some of the best in their genre.

Perjoss1341d ago

I got into ZombiU in a big way when it came out, such an atmospheric game, and one of the best zombie games I've ever played.

Summons751341d ago

MK8, Baonetta1&2, NSMBU, SM3DW, DKTF, W101, PM3, Smash is a guarantee, SK. That's all I can think of right now.

Chrischi19881341d ago

Oh well, I loved Donkey Kong, because it was a really hard game to beat. I loved Mario 3D World, because I literally never had that much fun with 3 of my friends, for at least the past 4 years I guess. Mario Kart was a must have and still is :D One of the best games, in games, not Wii U. Smash Bros will be fenomenal. I like Bayonetta 1&2, but not as much as many do on here, I wouldnt give it a 10/10, but still a very good game, just my honest opinion. Pikmin is just a beautiful game to play, it is one of these games, that shows you, why games like that are wonderful, without blood and gore. I will start Hyrule Warriors soon, seems to be a nice game, but we will see :)

Well, the Wind Waker HD remake was also a very nice thing, it just shows, how far developed Nintendo games were already back in the day, in terms of features. New games do not offer more than this, just better graphics, than the gamecube had to offer.

Splatoon looks like a great take from Nintendo, about the FPS genre, they basically do with the FPS genre, what they did with all kinds of sports games. Will be a very very fun game.

Man, what can I say, I love the Wii U, I dont think it deserves the hate it got, because the games are great, people can say, that there are not enough games, but all games that are on Wii U, are very very good ones, quality over quantity.

Toads Treasure Tracker looks like a very nice new take from the Mario universe. I dont regret having a Wii U and think it is bad, from so many gamers, to just dismiss it, because of power, which equals in graphics, especially because so many nintendo games are so beautiful, they are wonderful just to look at, the visuals are almost perfect, so the whole graphics discussion makes no real sense, if it comes to Nintendo, as the games are super beautiful.

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