Destiny Xur: Agent of Nine Location And Items For Week 10 (Nov 14): Selling The Last Word & More

Here is the list of Xur: Agent of Nine exotic Items and Location For Week 10 (November 14)

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Toon_Link1371d ago

Nice. I'll definitely grab one as well. Can't wait to hear all the people cry about Xur selling it.

ManiacMansion1371d ago

Is this one really that good?

martinezjesus19931371d ago

Last Word has been my go to gun since i got it after a Nightfall a month ago. I love its fire rate!

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891371d ago

Well kiddies enjoy it while it lasts lol before the incoming last word nerf. Man all predictions a side if bungie nerfs the last word or hand cannons because of the whiners I'm done with this game. Man this is the last gun I wanted XUR to sell. The last word = the new suros regime......smh

MAiKU1371d ago


Then just quit the game and stop whining. At this point you've become the very thing you despise, a whining kiddy.

A lot of my friends keep swearing off destiny yet lo and behold there they are the next day playing.

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Christopher1371d ago

Grabbed that and the hunter chest piece. Been wanting a good hand cannon for a long while.

GiggMan1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

I'm grabbing one today also. I have a maxed out hawkmoon and thorn, I've been waiting for this one.

All I need is fatebringer and my hand cannon collection will be complete.

Nineball21121371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

I got "The Devil You Know" hand cannon a few days ago.... I'll have to see which is better. I might have to pick this gun up too.

Thehyph1371d ago

@GiggMan You need to add Timur's Lash to that list. The impact is insane.

Christopher1371d ago

@GiggMan: I suck at PvP, so no Thorn yet. But, now... wouldn't even use it. I'll have to look into hawkmoon. Haven't gotten one of those. I do have The Devil You Know, but it quickly got outpaced by Firefly and Confluence scout rifles.

@stevehyphen: Don't think I've seen that one either. Will need to look into it.

Sad thing is I've had to buy the one legendary hand cannon I've ever had. Never gotten another one from raiding, striking, or legendary engrams (heck, only gotten 4 legendary engrams since the patch).

Alexander1Nevermind1371d ago

Yeah I maxed out thorn. man I got a ton of post mortem kills with that Gun. I will be interested in seeing how the two compare/contrast.

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MAiKU1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

The last word is a great gun, i got it from the raid, it's a lot more useful than the thorn.

ITPython1370d ago

I tried out my pre-upgraded last word in PvP last night, and honestly it's range makes it pretty useless. If I need to get up close to people to do decent damage with the gun, I'll just use my hide-and-seek shotgun and take them out 10x's faster.

So far in PvE it's a really fun gun to use, but IMO not as effective as other legendary hand cannons I have. It seems to be pretty inconsistent with headshots. But I am hoping once I get it upgraded and use the stability upgrade, it will be a lot better.

CorndogBurglar1370d ago

I've got the FWC Hand Cannon and I love it. Every kill I get with it, it helps fill my grenade recharge. That, coupled with Melee attacks that fill my grenade bar, and then the Armamentarium that gives me two grenades....I'm basically never out of grenades to throw.

Would the Last Word really be that much better for me? Its its rate of fire really fast?

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Cra2yey31371d ago

Having the chance and thorn hand cannons, the last word seems pretty good but that range...

BattleTorn1371d ago

Yeah, I haven't tried it out yet, but that range does seem very disappointing.

demonicale1371d ago

Which is better? I use thorn

thekhurg1371d ago

Legendary cannons are better than thorn right now. Last word blows it away.

LeoDDestroyer1371d ago

If your thorn has the Dot damage upgrade and you can stay in that mid range then it will wreck other handcannon users. You don't want to get in that close range area though.

I do have all three exotic handcannons with the hawkmoon being my favorite followed by the thorn then last word.

ShowGun9011371d ago

one of my buddies has the DOT for thorn... it destroys all in the crucible! ive seen him 2 shot alot of people and leave them for dead lol! PvE thorn sucks though, only good for keeping sheilds disabled. but dont underestimate thorn in the crucible! 6 bullets is plenty for crucible, not so much for some of the mobs in the single player though.

Alexander1Nevermind1371d ago

This^^^^ A Maxed out Thorn is two shots and sayonara. Doesn't matter if you get me or not. You will join me soon lol. Still Gonna have to pick Destiny back up to try the Last Word.

AKS1371d ago

Currently, Hawkmoon and The Last Word are the best hand cannons (really depends on the range you're dealing with; TLW for close range and Hawkmoon from distance), but Thorn tends to be underrated considerably. The DoT of Thorn means that enemies will not recover nearly as quickly when injured, and it may even kill them if they are badly wounded. This is really dangerous in PvP. It's also very handy in PvE if you're trying to prevent strong shields from coming back up. I honestly can't believe Bungie plans to give Thorn a buff. The only things that are not good with all the upgrades is a moderate magazine size and long reload time. Everything else is actually pretty solid. Thorn could end up being OP if they give more than a slight buff. Most criticizing it either don't have it or haven't fully upgraded it. Thorn is not quite the weapon that Hawkmoon or TLW are, which are currently among the best primaries in the game, but that does not mean Thorn is a bad weapon. It's very solid, especially in PvP.

AKS1371d ago

That should have said cylinder, not magazine. Revolvers obviously do not have magazines. LOL.

stile041371d ago

Too bad Fatebringer crushes both of them.

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Snorlax1371d ago

The Last Word "Yours...not mine."
I've been dreaming about getting this gun in my sleep and now it's finally mine! Well ours now i guess, it's gonna be real annoying real quick to see everyone in the crucible using it. :/

GiggMan1371d ago

It's the same as patients and time, suros regime, and everything else Xur sells. It will dominate the crucible initially but people move on.

No biggy trust me.

n4rc1371d ago

Ive just wanted VOC or icebreaker..

But my buddy got a arc sniper from the nightfall thats a dead orbit piece..

Kills with weapon gives ammo back.. Almost as good, just in case xur is stingy with selling ib

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