Iron Banner 2.0 hits Destiny next week, Plus, new Strike Team chat revealed

"Iron Banner 2.0, the new and improved version of Destiny's "power matters" competitive multiplayer mode, launches next week.

Developer Bungie aims to launch Iron Banner by the end of next week following the release of an update on Monday, 17th November."

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Yo Mama1412d ago

A new sparrow? Can't wait!

JeffGUNZ1412d ago

Do you know if we have to have the season pass now or just buy it before Monday? I planned on getting them both but just haven't bought them yet. Don't want to miss out on the sparrow considering I'll own both DLC anyway.

n4rc1412d ago

Says you'll be invited to whatever it is even if your thinking about buying it..

JeffGUNZ1411d ago

Yea thats what confuses me. Do I actually need to buy it NOW or are they going to read my mind lol.

andibandit1412d ago

"Iron Banner 2.0"

Finally the story will make sense

g-nome1412d ago

Give the tower some fun places like a shooting gallery , more reasons to go there and hang around.

GuruStarr781411d ago

Yeah, how about some carnival rides too, while we're at it!

TheTimeDoctor1411d ago

hide and seek, some kind of sparrow race arena

GuruStarr781412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Hoping I'm still rank 3 in the Iron Banner, last time it was up it was reset to zero... those bounties can be a beeyotch!


ok, so it says we should have our rank, still.... wondering now if the boots and the gauntlets will be level 30 style armor (it says "get you closer to 30").

Can't wait... soon the expansion will be hitting also!

Drithe1411d ago

Greatest fps ever! My level 30 titan is gonna wtf pwn all of you noobs. lololol wftbbq!