AC Unity subsequent patch #3 in the making

Yesterday we posted that Ubisoft is working on a patch to fix known issues players are reporting. That fix hasn’t been rolled out yet but Ubisoft is now talking about a subsequent patch to fix more problems.

The question comes to mind that if they know about all these issues, why don’t they fix them in 1 bigger patch? Players are getting annoyed with downloading patches to fix issues that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

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poppinslops1252d ago

Okay... That's a lot of patches!

My copy won't arrive until Monday, so hopefully most of the issues are 'fixed' by then.
Ironically, this will be the first Assassin's Creed I've played with patches (got my internet in March), so I'll probably be blown-away by how well it runs...

joab7771251d ago

I am actually quite impressed with this game. I have played all of them and didn't enjoy 3, and tired of naval battle in black flag. Also, they went off track with the death of desmond.

While I havnt got through the whole story, the combat is greatly improved and the weapon animations. While u still do get caught on things, if u master the controls, with the new animations, it's quite nice. The city is stunning and I'm glad to be back in a sprawling city...and it's huge. The added in door is great too, and it isn't just a cinematic add anymore either.

I am disappointed that the PC and PS4 versions were dumbed down to ease the pain of xbone owners, so it isn't as crystal clear as Black Flag, which does take away a little now that I've seen it look as good as it did a YESR AGO. That said, the art is stunning, and it may be the best open world city to date.

The added customization adds a ton, and there's quite a bit to do from random events, helping citizens, to murder mysteries. And did I add that u can play with friends, create a clan etc.

I know as an annulaization, AC gets beat up alot. Add in monetization and purposely withholding a 1080p patch, and the anger is justified. But the Devs killed ot with this one.

As an rpg fan, I always want games to add more rpg elements, and this is no exception. I think a true AC rpg would be epic. But, it is what it is, and that's pretty damn good. And I am a sceptic.

Imalwaysright1252d ago

Patch 3 already in the making. To think that some people say that the game isn't broken and some of us are hating on Ubisoft just because.

matrixman921251d ago

but its not broken. Ive put over 30 hours in so far...nothing game breaking

Imalwaysright1250d ago

Ok not broken. How about unfinished? Is that a better word?

Neo_Zeed1251d ago

1080p and inclusion of female assassins patch or I no longer care about this entire franchise. GTA V is almost here and it is more worthy of my money.

Orbilator1251d ago

And yet gta itself has a day one patch.
Oh the irony.
No ac unity issues here either, but then I must be dellusional too

Neo_Zeed1251d ago

What irony? Most games have a day one patch. I'm saying Ubisoft games will no longer be relevant till they patch in these things.

Scrivlar1251d ago

Struggling to think of the last game I played without a day 1 patch? But you can normally tell from the gaming community how a game is generally performing and with unity you are currently in the minority by the looks of it.

starchild1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

No real issues in my playthrough of Unity so far either (18 hours in). I do think that there are more glitches with NPCs in this game than previous AC games and I hope that those glitches can be improved or eliminated, but they don't affect my enjoyment of the game that much. And I haven't had a single crash or other bug that caused a problem with my playing of the game itself. It runs well on my setup and looks quite incredible visually. Most importantly, I just think it is a damn fun game.


Not really. It's a well known fact that complainers and/or people with legitimate problems are always the most vocal on the internet. It gives a false sense of things.

Even so, about half of the user reviews on Steam are positive and recommend the game. If the game was really so broken as some people keep claiming why would around half of those who bought and reviewed the game on Steam write positively about it and recommend it?

(And, again, that's despite the fact that people that are angry or have a complaint are overwhelming the ones that take the time to write something online.)

Gore-Content1251d ago

They better put it out before I beat the game.

AlexFili1251d ago

Making a patch won't improve review scores. Too little too late.