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Ubisoft stick to their guns with Far Cry 4 and provide fans of the popular shooter series exactly what they want.

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Brisco1221d ago

Ohh I really don't know how I can play all these awesome games that are out or coming out soon.

Joydivision391221d ago ShowReplies(3)
purpleblau1220d ago

True! I think I still like the villain from FarCry 3.

poor_cus_of_games1221d ago

Just found out that my copy of farcry 4 and GTA5 have both been dispatched. Can't wait till tomorrow. I really like that site where I get my games. Had assassin's creed unity since Tuesday. I'm from the UK so assassins is only out today.

angelsx1221d ago

Where did you get them from?

16bitNutritionist1221d ago

Please also PM me the site too please :)

BlackestEyes1221d ago

So this is a review? 670 words (incl. headlines), one pro and one con? Did they even play FC 4? I seriously doubt it. Seems like they just wanted to be out fast, gathering clicks. Not very reliable imho.

Meltic1221d ago

Im glad ubisoft didint screw this game up. Good Reviews so far. HOPE the graphic isnt downgraded. Im getting it on PC

dRanzer1221d ago

How downgraded if you get it to pc?

The_Kills1221d ago

He means poorly optimized code where the FPS is sporadic ala AC:Unity. Where you then need stronger hardware on the PC to run the same amount of graphic fidelity to match inferior per spec hardware of home consoles.

starchild1221d ago


But AC Unity isn't poorly optimized. It is properly multithreaded and scales well with more powerful hardware. There is no CPU bottlenecking as we saw in AC4. My i5 2500k is able to maintain 60fps or higher (which is hardly the most cutting edge processor).

Unity is demanding on the graphics card side of things, but the visuals absolutely do justify it. Frankly, Unity is the best looking game I've seen on PC. And another thing that is great is that the frame render times are steady and consistent so there isn't any sort of micro-stutter due to frame latency spikes. This is another indicator of good optimization.

I look at all the recent games I have played--Lords of the Fallen, Shadow of Mordor, Ryse, Dead Rising 3, The Evil Within, AC Unity--they all perform roughly in the same ballpark. I'm not able to run any of them at a steady 60fps on my GTX 770. I have to either put up with variable framerates or cap them at 30fps for more consistency. I usually choose the latter option, which means they are all running at effectively the same framerate for me. Unity looks a lot better than most of them. Ryse is the only competitor, but I still think Unity looks a bit better and has way more going on.