Super Smash Bros. for Wii U screenshots (11/14/14)

"Pic of the day. Smash Tour is really hard to explain in words--it's tough to give out guidance tips with such limited space to type!! So I'll stop myself from saying too much--just try playing this mode three times with your friends. Smash Bros. will definitely feel even more like a party if you try this out.

There are three types of game boards. If you turn on the Custom Fighters option, the fighters will be preset with custom special moves. The number on a fighter’s portrait on the game board indicates which custom move set that fighter is using–this also adds to the randomness of this mode."

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Canary1372d ago

I can't wait till this game is out.

Simply because I'm tired of it being the -only- thing Nintendo people want to talk about. Let's look past Smash, already, to the next big thing! Especially for people like me, who don't like it in the first place. >_<

darthv721372d ago

Which next big thing do you want to discuss? Captain Toad, Splatoon, Zelda, Star Fox, a possible new Metroid.....?

Personally I'd love to see a super mario galaxy 3 reveal but, all in due time.

Canary1372d ago

I would love a Galaxy 3. Especially if they do similar music. IMHO, all of the Mario games have really generic music--except the Galaxy games. That music... perfect. I'd love a new Galaxy with much bigger worlds/planetoids to explore. Good god.

But, yeah: the next big games are Xenoblade 2, which we still don't know much about, and Zelda, which we know nothing about. Captain Toad and Splatoon don't really seem like "big" games to me--they feel more like bite-sized, Wario-sized, Mario Party/Tennis/Olympics-style treats.