TGR: SSF2 Turbo HD Remix Beta Impressions

"The HD sprites are detailed, giving Ryu and Ken their well deserved transformation to the HD era. One thing to notice is the fact that, although the title screen and menus fill up the whole TV, while in game it cuts of leaving a rather annoying black screen behind it; hopefully this wont be the case come the full game comes out."

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Relin3824d ago

Ken is overpowered? HERESY!

predator3824d ago

yeah its a right cheap move, once you have it done to you your screwd

predator3824d ago

still black boarders...been reported as bug on the beta forums

predator3824d ago

I can't wait for the full version...its going to be sweet and tie me over till Street Fighter IV

Multigamer3824d ago

good read...looking out for this for sure