Game Publishers, Stop Cheating Your Customers

Nerdacy: "In companies where products are physically made there is a division called Quality Assurance–abbreviated as QA–in which the products are monitored and evaluated in order to assure the quality standard is met. I know this, you know this, so why don’t game publishers know this?"

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RG_Dubz1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Funny it's being brought up now when EA has been doing this for so many years yet these same people remained silent.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1375d ago

Well I am pretty sure it has a lot to do with the combination. Put simply... the more developers that follow EA and Ubisoft's monetary tactics the bigger uproar and angrier the gamers will get. This is how the Xbox One got its criticism. Greedy a**oles do not deserve to get support. Rather they should learn to cooperate with their fans and support their ideas + concerns

Summons751375d ago

Yeah Activation started this whole trend but people are willing to throw 100+ bucks at the same game every year for the past 8 years and before.

Major_Nailson1375d ago

Another funny thing we ignore is how the Publisher is being cheated as well. Not just the consumer. We as consumers need to pay homage to companies like Sony. It's not entirely their fault that the developers abuse their contracts by lying to the publishers. Sony wants whats best for us, they have been loyal to us since 1995.

Imagine the possibilities if Ubisoft was owned by Sony? Imagine the GOTYs and awards they would receive due to having a near-perfect publisher making them push their console to the limits.

Hoffmann1375d ago

Now you made me wonder about what would have happened if Sony would own Capcom since 5-10 years.

LegoIsAwesome1375d ago

Ubisoft is full of lies. Don't ever ever EVER believe what devs says unless there's a proof.

Perjoss1375d ago

CD Projekt is probably the only big company that treats gamers with respect, they believe that DRM is not good for anyone and instead they release quality games and support them long after they are released.

I don't think pirates feel any guilt at all for pirating an EA or Ubi game. On the other hand there is nothing to stop you from pirating a Witcher game (they have no protection) yet they do not seem to have any trouble selling lots of copies of their games.

Sneakybudda1375d ago

Could you sue ubisoft for misleading customers and for miselling?

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