Assassin’s Creed Unity Is Nowhere Near As Broken As Many Claim [PS4]

Captain Camper of Gamers Heroes writes: I’ve just polished off and published my review of Assassin’s Creed Unity and although I sadly fell behind the curve of the general gaming media outlets, I did not expect the sheer wall of feces that washed over me as I checked the reasons behind the scores from other critics.

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Major_Nailson1375d ago

I have my copy on PS4 and I have yet to discover any issues. I think the majority of people are trolling because they hate Ubisoft.

starchild1375d ago

That's what I think too. It's just a continuation of the hate bandwagons that have been rolling against this game all throughout development. The glitches and framerate issues simply gave these people something to latch onto and blow out of proportion.

Now, I'm not saying the game is perfect. I definitely think Ubisoft should have made a steady framerate more of a priority and pared back other areas if necessary. But I've talked to a lot of console players who say the game is not anywhere close to broken and can be enjoyed just fine.

It runs fine for me on my PC. I cap at a steady 30fps with all settings maxed out except for textures on "high" (due to my 2GB of VRAM) and FXAA (since it looks the best in this game and is the least demanding). The framerate at these settings on my GTX 770 is very solid and the game looks stunning.

bouzebbal1375d ago

i dont like Ubi and i dont like AC series but i have to admit that people love to hate. i am sure most people crying over this dont even own the game.
in our days hating is very legal and common. people love to hate the ones who are successful..
Enjoy your games!

bixxel1375d ago

This hate for Ubi is proved by the amount of disagrees you got.AC U is a great game.

Caffo011375d ago

i bought the game and i'm liking it a lot but the frame rate is very annoying... the issues are real, it's not trolling.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )


Look at all the reviews on Amazon complaining about it.
Look at all the articles, the game play videos.
Look at all the people here complaining about it!!!

More than half the people posted a negative review mostly one stars on amazon

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ironfist921375d ago

Thank you. Finally someone said it.

Keep your subjective hate for Ubisoft away from your objective critique of the games.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1375d ago

Objective critique!?

I'm sorry but you actually put up with this crap? Look at how many players have issues. It is more of a collective hate that needs to challenge Ubisoft's practices

Robearboy1375d ago

In my opinion the hate is there because primarily it's not 1080p and it's one of the very few games that is "better" on the Xbox one

abstractel1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

@Major_Nailson Agreed. I've played it on the PS4 but I am playing it on my PC most of the time and it's great on both. PC version runs smoother for sure on my machine, but both versions look great. Absolutely love the rifts.

Partway through the game and in my book it's an improvement over previous AC's in every single way. The parkour downwards alone is awesome. They've done a lot to improve the stealth to feel like you know what's going on.

Lots of great stuff in this game, both on PC and PS4. Haven't played the XB1 version, don't own one (and won't until Quantum Break unless it comes out on PC as well, and of course unless a new awesome exclusive game is announced).

I feel the PS4 version is a victim of going for parity -- from a coding angle. They should have put more of the CPU heavy stuff on the GPU Compute, but it's harder to program for. I've work in the industry for a long time and there's no reason a new-gen game should run better on the XB1 no matter what they are doing. Compute has basically made the CPU argument obsolete. Just requires really good programming.

abstractel1375d ago

By the way, did you hear Rocksteady said they are going for parity on Arkham Knight on PS4/Xb1? That's the shit that pisses me off, and they are one of the best developers out there today so it's really disheartening to hear.

Push each platform, don't succumb to the lowest common denominator.

KOIMOJO1375d ago

Well I just finished the PS4 version of unity and for me the whole game was super duper buggy compared to past entries and the last 2 hours of the game it broke like 6 times and slowed a ton. I absolutely love the assassins creed series, and don't hate Ubisoft, but from my experience this game was a big letdown. I can't wait to play rogue though. I think I want to wait and see if it will be on ps4 though.

andrewer1375d ago

You're simply a lucky guy:

There are MANY more but it'd seem like spam xD

Bigpappy1375d ago

Correct. It became broken the the day PS4 fanboys found out it was not 1080p, 60 fps on PS4. Then it became unplayable once they found out Xbox got the better version.

I am no AC fan though but I still played some of the series. The mechanics become boring for me.

Xsilver1375d ago

what the hell are you talking about. get Ya life

-Foxtrot1375d ago

Look I've seen a ton of different footage from the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions and the game is broken

Why try and defend the game, your just letting Ubisoft off

Xsilver1375d ago

pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee stream it on PS4 and prove that to me that it has no issues because i have the game on PS4 and the issues are real my PSN is Xsilvermist add me and show me because my problems with the game aren't fictional.

pompous1375d ago

I agree. I have the pc version and it doesn't even come close to what others have said for that version and a friend has the ps4 version and has told me the same thing about that one when I ask because I was curious if he was having problems like the interwebs has said.

Yes there are some bugs here and there and on console the performance isn't 100%, but not like the blown up issue that's around. That doesn't mean others aren't having issues because they probably are.

With that said I think from what I played that it may be the best one yet, but I have to finish the game before I can say for sure. I'm enjoying it none the less.

LordMaim1375d ago

I think that the criticism has been blown out of proportion, but there are a couple of places where the frame rate tanks on all platforms. The game itself is quite good so far, with significantly more environment detail, more interiors, and better animations.

I'm also liking Arno's character more than any main character since Ezio. :)

3-4-51374d ago

I've been playing since day one and have yet to experience anything bad.

* One time there was a funny glitch of a man sword fighting against himself in the middle of the street.

IMO it added to the game....yea it was a glitch but it was hilarious to watch...

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RG_Dubz1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

You know nothing about gaming, crawl back into the hole you came out of.. This game is a glitch filled mess, it's like they never even tested the game before they launched it.

And that's from someone who actually likes Ubisoft.

CaptainCamper1375d ago

GTA Online launched with bugs that totally destroyed the economy and online progression. Big review scores from certain outlets.

Bethesda release broken games on a regular basis (I'm a huge fan btw :D). Again, big review scores.

Batman: Arkham Origins had corrupted save bugs for ages, totally destroying all progression. Big review scores

DriveClub broken at launch to the point thousands couldn't play. Above average review scores.

I fell through the floor 6-7 times and noticed small FPS problems on a couple of occasions. Game gets slated to hell?

Not defending the fact Ubisoft should have done better, and paying customers deserve better. But based on my experience in the game, its getting blown well out of proportions.

RG_Dubz1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Most GTA V review scores were solely based on the single player, Bethesda games are still broken even after they release the Game of the Year edition, nothing new there.. Batman Arkham Origins was made by some scrub developers and Driveclub not be playable online is hardly a comparison for this buggy mess of a game.

At any rate, just because other games have issues it's OK to release a BETA of your product with a full $59.99 price tag like EA does?

I've fallen through the ground several times, been stuck on stuff and stuck in the walls of buildings, seen frame rate drops that brought my game to a crawl, experience several instances of unresponsive controls, been disconnected from the servers, experienced full out game crashes, invisible co-op players, pop-up NPC's, co-op players icon jumping all over the place, I landed in a haystack and got stuck until I quit the mission, playing online co-op and not being able to attack until I left the mission and rejoined.. And that just off the top of my head of what I've experienced since tuesday.

The game deserves every bad review it gets, it should have clearly been delayed.

starchild1375d ago

You're exaggerating, RG_Dubz. The game is not a "glitch filled mess".

Sure, I've seen a decent number of glitches in the game during my 16 hours of playtime so far, but most of them were minor easily ignored glitches. Things like NPCs getting stuck, or sliding unnaturally.

But I've experienced NO serious bugs and no crashing.

I've honestly seen just as many bugs in open world games like GTAV or Skyrim.

It sounds like you are just listing all the glitches that anyone encountered and mentioned on game forums and claiming they all happened to you. Either you are not being honest or you just happened to be vastly more unlucky than I have been.

What platform are you playing it on?

The console versions do have issues with framerate drops and I can understand that bothering some of you, but I still think it is being blown out of proportion.

It's really the CPUs in the consoles that are causing the performance issues in this game. We can see this quite clearly when we look at the CPU benchmarks for the PC version: The AMD processors continue to fall far behind Intel's. But the problem isn't due to lack of good multithreading because other benchmarks show good core utilization on both AMD and Intel CPUs.

matrixman921375d ago

master chief collection- literally over half the game is unplayable. 8's and 9's/10

RG_Dubz1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

@ starchild

How much does Ubisoft pay you to run damage control? lol
How many times did you experience falling through the map in a GTA V and Skyrim? That should never have been a glitch in the final game and should have been found and resolved during Q&A testing.

If I was just listing glitches people posted in forums then I definitely missed some of the best ones such as "the ballerina glitch" which has yet to occur in my game, the funny part is I've barely sunk half the time that most of my friends have into the game due to recovering from a very recent surgery and not feeling well during this recovery.

PS4 and it's hardly being blown out of proportion, all your disagrees should tell you that.

It's the Dev's fault for not utilizing the ability to offload CPU tasks on to the GPGPU to free up the CPU as the Uncharted Development team is currently doing with Uncharted 4, it has to do with not utilizing the hardware abilities of the PS4 to optimize the game and nothing more, parity in full effect.

The GPGPU in the PS4 is twice as powerful as the XB1's, if they were to utilize the hardware there is 0 reason this game couldn't run at a full native 1080p and a steady 30fps on the PS4, none.

lashes2ashes1375d ago

It's not perfect but any body complaining about the frame rate should have played Skyrim on PS3 pre patch. Back word flying dragons and a frame rate that dropped into single digits all the time.

Utalkin2me1375d ago

And that is one of the reasons i will never buy another Bethesda game. I sold that game the first day i had it. It gave me a headache after a hour of play cause the framerate was so bad.

Theyellowflash301375d ago

No, it's not, but it still sucks ass

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