Microsoft’s Strategy is Actually Working

CheatCC says - "Congratulations Xbox… you knew what you were doing.

If you were to ask me back in the summer how the upcoming 2014 holiday was going to shake out, I would have easily predicted another easy Sony win. As we saw the year before (and every month since), the PlayStation has become the hot piece of tech that is a must-have for most gamers and the definitive choice of the current hardware generation. Yup, there was no doubt in my mind that Team Blue had it locked down."

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Bigpappy1412d ago

M$ knows Sony can't afford to play the price game. But m$also has the hotter game selection.

u got owned1412d ago

"What’s so surprising to me is Sony’s sluggish response, as they’ve always had the ability to pivot on a dime. When it comes to industry innovation, this is the group who’ve stayed ahead of the curve in most cases. That’s why it’s odd to see them strangely dragging their feet here. I’m still waiting for a price adjustment of their own to follow in the aftermath, yet nothing seems to be happening on that front. If they continue to stay the course, it’s very likely they’ll lose this round.s"

I don't know what this author is talking about, XBO have been selling well for 2 weeks, that right 2 weeks, I don't think Sony need to do anything yet. For all we know PS4 its selling tons and still kicking MS console butt on the global front.

SoapShoes1412d ago

It is naturally doing well now because of a post price drop spike, we will see if they can sustain it. Black Friday is when most of the sells happen and that's when it matters most. PS4 has very good deals for BF as well especially with that GTA bundle.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1412d ago

There are major differences between the two companies. For one, in American culture, we love to be the talkers, boasters, and bring about intimidation

Japanese culture is different and they are more quiet and respectful. They do not go around taunting and yelling

bennissimo1412d ago


Tell that to Kaz and his "this is how you share games on the PS4" BS trolololololfest last E3.

The PS team has been dickish for well over a year now.

Why o why1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Seems everyone is reverting back to this NA is the be all and end all. Winning the US isn't thee defacto. 'The tides haved turned'.......ok, does the rest of the planet not matter anymore? Will the release of halo totally nullify sonys releases around the globe. This myopia is amusing to watch. What I will agree with is that theres been much more of a positive feel towards the x1..... the toxicity is slowly but surely dissipating. The 'year end' releases have ben placed well considering the gap between titanfall and forza was so vast. Definitely an upturn.

@ bennissimo

That video was epic trolling but ms guys shouldn't complain too much considering ms's antics over the years. I know it hurt ms and their supporters but it was simple and true. Sony have adopted a more aggresive, western stance which has obviously helped them. Ms have gone the other way......for obvious reasons.

mikeslemonade1412d ago

"The response to this wave of blockbuster game releases and new bundles has been amazing, and sales have skyrocketed since the new price took effect on Nov. 2. Compared to the previous week, Xbox One sales in the US have more than tripled, which is exciting as more and more friends will be playing together this holiday."

No crap.. When MS annouced that they would a price drop one week prior to the actual drop, then you would know that the sales would unusually low. Easy to say the sales tripled.

Microsoft is gonna be in the red by a lot. These guys buy the console will not have to buy another games for several months.

Still PS4 won worldwide and the X1 only doubled the PS4 sales. And this is Sony that is barely trying. I would say the Microsoft failed if they can't even outsell the PS4 for one month worldwide.

styferion1412d ago

Lol yeah, I'm tired to see all these people acting like situation on NA is the same as everywhere around the world.

Listen, XB going toe-to-toe with PS4 only happens in NA/UK.
In most European countries PS hold the domination.
In Asia there are much much more people have gaming PC than they have consoles (yeah that's right, now you know why Steam support that many Asian currencies).
In Japan handheld and smartphone currently reign supreme although console sales are stable.

Not everywhere is like U.S

freshslicepizza1412d ago

sony doesn't need to lower the price, they are still the leader in sales worldwide. unless the ps4 gets outsold there is no reason to drive the price down. this is why competition is good. microsoft is clearly trying to add value by lowering the price and including games. nintendo has done the same with the wii u and sony did it all throughout last generation with the ps3 as it kept lowering the price from the whopping $599 at retail.

LordMaim1411d ago

@bennissimo: That was Shuhei Yoshida and Adam Boyes in that commercial.

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x_RadicalAura_x1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Maybe for now, but that won't remain constant. The tide's gonna swing back in Sony's favor early next year with heavy hitters like The Order: 1886 and Bloodborne... Also, Uncharted 4 later in the year.

I own both, so I'm all for the competition. Only means more/better games for me.

No_Limit1412d ago

It is not like the XB1 don't have any games scheduled for the upcoming year. They have Halo 5, Quantum Break, Fable Legends, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and most likely Forza 6. Both sides will have games but if MS is willing to be Cheaper and also continue to include limited game bundle like Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, and COD AW, Fifa, then they should be competitive. And even though they will be third, I am more excited for the Wii U lineup next year with Zelda, Xenoblade X.

Let the competition begin and we gamers (not fanboys) all win and benefit from it.

badz1491412d ago


when are those games releasing again? as far as exclusive is concerned MS has NOTHING in the 1st quarter of next year while Sony has games all through the year like they did with the PS3. the always, will have stuffed end of the year while hanging on to multiplats for the rest of it which will not work very well this gen considering the PS4 is outperforming it both in performance and sales!

OUROSMAG1412d ago

That boils down to personal taste, I find that each system has a couple of decent titles, but neither have anything that is a must own game.

miyamoto1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

selling 10 million xbox units without no profit or income makes you happy? mmmmm okay....

M$ standing by their words and promises would have kept them into a more respectable position not this throwing hardware and software to lure people into buying something they never wanted in the first place


jacksons981411d ago

What's the hotter game selection?
Forza is a great game PS4 doesn't have anything for currently, but
Sunset overdrive -mediocre reviews
Halo - currently having server issues and good for nostalgia, but newer FPS games maps, graphics and gameplay have long outpaced these older titles
Also you have to consider every multiplat minus Assassins Creed (which runs bad on Xbox as well) is better on PS4.

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ashen1221412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

lets say its a boxing match, playstations won the first 10 rounds do you really think xbox winning the last 2 rounds will change anything? if they get a knockout yes buuut that's unlikely. 2015 will be the rematch

ManiacMansion1412d ago

And what if MS will keep selling well for the next months?

Will you be disappointed then or will you keep playing games?

ashen1221412d ago

I'll keep playing games.

tell me my comment make you mad?

thanhgee1412d ago

Of course XB1 will sell well but PS4s will just be ahead, maybe the gap will increase or maybe it wont. Sony has been intentionally keeping quiet on their 1st party studios and other games in order to announce most of their 2015/2016(?) lineup at playstation experience and yet it still outsells XB1s. If XB1 wants to catch up they'll need to take back the US market and then work there way around other countries.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1412d ago

Ashen he is just asking a what if question. Why would he get mad at your comment? lol

Maxor1412d ago

I wish these comments would make people mad and quit N4G.

sinspirit1412d ago

And what if they don't? They haven't. It's a fact. Until it's in stone don't argue.

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OB1Biker1412d ago

lol yea I found the article a bit silly 'the finish line is in sight and Microsoft’s victory is at hand.'
doesnt make much sense
also its a bit early to draw any conclusion just for an announcement of 2 weeks lead and 'shortly to ship 10M'
Sure Xbone is likely to win November in the US (as everyone always thought) but it could still be very close with PS4 bundles to come.
As for a 'Victory' not sure if hes just talking about a month victory in the US only but that wouldnt be that much of a feat

tinynuggins1411d ago

You forgot to mention that it's a 70 round boxing match.

Tedakin1412d ago

Sony's so far ahead they shouldn't worry. It's good for everyone for Xbox to be improving, and good for gaming in general. I have noticed a crazy upswing in people I know buying Xbones this week. Now just get that Halo matchmaking time fixed and you're hitting it out of the park, MS.

mochachino1412d ago

I think Sony should only worry if xone holiday pricing extends past december. If so, Sony would need more than a good bundle; the first thing the average consumer sees is $350 vs $400.

Ultr1412d ago

Yeah thats why apple products sell I guess?

Maxor1412d ago

This is a none story. Sony and Mircosoft isn't going to crush one or the other out of existence. They're both too incompetent for that to happen. It doesnt' matter how many consoles Sony sells or how many MS sells, they'll both in the mix.

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