Reggie Says Nintendo Has the Best Exclusives--and he's Right

CheatCC says - "Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime has been doing the promotional rounds lately, talking the usual corporate mumbo jumbo about the value of Nintendo's products. One of his major points is that of all current-generation consoles, the Wii U has the best exclusives. Looking at the solid library that the console has built up over the two years it's been out, it's hard to argue with that point."

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Major_Nailson1374d ago

Silly Reggie. But I respectfully disagree on so many levels. While Nintendo has a ton of exclusives, they continue to milk so many franchises. I mean, while mario is great, I feel like I've played these games before...year after year since 1985.

I prefer consoles that bring out new IPs, unique and original titles that push the graphical and multiplayer bar. And that's why I went with PS4 this gen. And this year sony continues to prove that. Killzone SF, Infamous SS, Knack, Drive I even need to continue?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1374d ago

Killzone SF and Infamous SS aren't New IP

And none of those games are higher quality than
Super Mario 3D World
Pikmin 3
The Wonderful 101
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Mario Kart 8
Hyrule Warriors
Bayonetta 2
Nintendo Land

xHeavYx1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

"And none of those games are higher quality than"
Yeah, no... Most of the titles you mentioned are good games, but them being better or worse than PS4/XB1 is mostly an opinion

kneon1374d ago

And none of the Nintendo games you've listed are games I care about, except perhaps Bayonetta. So what does it matter to me if you claim they are better?

DarthZoolu1374d ago

@otaku but I don't like most of them, and yes I actually have a Wii U. Only two games I've really enjoyed Is Pikmin and Zombie U. I work a Gamestop I have checked out and played every Wii U exclusive.

360ICE1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

No, but The Order, Driveclub, Bloodborne, Knack, The Tomorrow Children, Wild, Rime, Until Dawn, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and Deep Down are. All of which are but some of the exclusive new IPs that either have been released or are set to be released within PS4's two first years. Will all of them turn out great? Probably not, but one has to respect Sony for trying some new stuff.

Nintendo home consoles hardly ever get new stuff anymore. Mostly because Nintendo has gone completely void on us when it comes to new IP. That's probably why I still haven't bought a Wii U yet, in spite of MK8 and the upcoming, spectacular-looking Zelda game.

LOL_WUT1374d ago

@ OtakuDJK1NG Why would you name Nintendo Land? Also it seems like you never played most of those Sony games as is the case with many 3rd party titles you guys try to downplay. ;)

Concertoine1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

I dont think anyone's in the position to say what's better, especially if they dont own all the consoles.

I have a PS4 since September, and a Wii U since September 2013. Unfortunately my experience with the ps4 has been not the best. Ive played Infamous, Evil within, Destiny, and Killzone thus far and infamous is the only one with a lasting impression. Every other game i wanted came out glitchy or something and scared away my 60 bucks. The network issues lately are also annoying. Hoping LBP3 satisfies (sure it will). Im not trying to downplay the PS4, its an excellent machine and just havent kicked off for me yet.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )


I dont buy western third party trash

Just because it new doesn't mean much if it ain't quality. Driveclub is an example.

But to combat that Nintendo has in 2015
Yoshi Wholly World
Xenoblade Chronicle X
Star Fox
Tle Legend of Zelda
Devil's Third
Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem

Bunch of unannounced games.
Pokken Fighters
Fatal Frame V

guitarded771374d ago

Why must we do this every time? It's bait... and some of you act like a bunch of fish. Each platform has great exclusives, or that platform wouldn't exist. Better is subjective. Better for me is not better for you, etc, obvious.

miyamoto1373d ago

... best exclusive for Nintendo employees and loyalist fans?

360ICE1373d ago


I think Driveclub is great, but you're right. Just because it's new doesn't mean it's great, which I already said in my comment. It's a risk to make something new and it doesn't always work, but it's also great to be able to try new stuff. I wouldn't go through life just drinking milk. Even if that leads me to occasionally try awful things like vanilla coke.

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DarthZoolu1374d ago

Their exclusives are so amazing that people don't even want to touch them and mess up the plastic. Sales numbers say they aren't the best.

MegaSackman1374d ago

In two years that's all the Wii U has accomplished.

PS4 and Xbone could be lacking in exclusives yet but the same thing happened to Wii U the first year and these consoles have an amazing line up of games for 2015, and guess what? a ton of multiplatform games are in line too, games that the Wii U won't see. Ever.

mamotte1374d ago

According to you, the best game last generation was Wii Sports, and the best this gen is... Destiny.

MsmackyM1374d ago

So far this gen the PS4 has been the Justin Bieber of game consoles, all hype no substance. And this is coming from someone who had a PS4 since launch.
And pretty much anyone who disagrees with my opinion are no different than all the Bieber fever fangirls who gets upset whenever someone doesn't like Bieber.
I hope Sony actually delivers on their "Greatness Awaits" because I've been awaiting for a long time.

Chrischi19881374d ago

Well, you can say what you want against Wii Sports, but it sold superb, most people bought a Wii solely to play Wii Sports. It was a great game to play with many friends at once, cannot remember a single game, that I played with my friends so many times.

It was not game, that was about visuals, but about fun. I dont know 1 game on a console, where I met with like 10 friends to play Wii Sports the whole night. This is what I mean, you guys dismiss great games, because of visuals. A simple game can be much greater than any super graphics, hundreds of millions development cost game, that gets completely overhyped and fails to deliver.

Highlife1374d ago

Then you should love the ps4 with all the indie games it has

Ck1x1373d ago

The biggest difference is most Nintendo exclusives, people buy and keep them. On the other consoles they rush out to buy these games and trade them in 3 or 4 days later and that's a fact!

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cpayne931374d ago

Uh, the only game you mentioned that was any good was infamous... Ps4s exclusives are pretty lacking right now tbh. Bloodborne and Uncharted should change that though.

I would say that the wii u definitely has the best exclusives at the moment.

GordonKnight1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

I have all three systems and they all will offer great exclusives. Nintendo will just have more then PS4 & X1 combined without multiplats. IMO Nintendo lost 3rd party due to their update policies. 3rd party companies release games with bugs that need numerous updates, which would expensive for them to on the Wii U. This is probably why Watch Dogs was delayed, so they could work the bugs out before releasing the game.

Right now I'm enjoying Sunset Overdrive. Solid game. Hopefully Far Cry 4 on PS4 won't have the issues ACU has at the moment. I guess that te best thing about Nintendo games you know you're getting solid game that you won't have to wait for a patch to play.(MCC)

Buff10441374d ago

Killzone and Knack were 2013 and Knack was critically panned. This year, Driveclub was a big letdown (buggy online, no free version).

Sony relied on PS4 sales to carry it through 2014. Without question one of the most woeful first party years for a hardware maker. Average. Completely average.

They should make up for it next year, but to say they delivered in 2014 is an opinion I can't get behind.

[braces for down votes from dominant PS (sony can do no wrong) fan base on N4G] :)

kwandar1374d ago

Sorry Major, I think you're dead wrong. Others have provided details but let me put this in perspective.


Literally, with work, gf, etc I can't keep up! I have Bayonetta #1 and #2, Earthbound, haven't gotten all the way through MarioKart (leaving aside its DLC), and I has Smash and Toad coming shortly.

Next I have Splatoon and X.

Much as I like the PS4 and Infamous, at this time the Wii U has the best content out there, bar none. Fact.

Toiletsteak1374d ago

Well you could try to continue but ATM you named all the games, and Killzone, Knack and DriveClub sucked, Infamous was a good game though.

ape0071374d ago

disliking nintendo exclusives and praising Killzone SF, Infamous SS, Knack, Drive Club????

as booket T say : TELL ME I DID NOT JUST SEE THAT !!!

Ashunderfire861374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Yea Nintendo milk many franchises, but you have to admit none of those games are buggy on release, and they never need a patch too. I am pretty sure Super Smash Bros Wii U will get it right this time for not only the game itself, but the online gameplay too. That game is looking to be game of the year along with Bayonetta 2 highly scored game, which is a game changer for Nintendo. You have to also admit that many PS4 and X1 games were overhyped like Watchdogs (Not as much content as a last gen GTA 5 game and that game is better than it), Infamous Second Son(great graphics just good gameplay, but Infamous 2 was so much better), Destiny, Diveclub, Assassin's Creed Unity, and Titanfall. Even the Master Chief Collection(I still love it) had rocky launch with online not working at all.

Assassin Creed Unity has more problems than Assassin Creed Rogue, which many gamers known was superior, even before both games came out. The last gen remastered games are the better next gen games, even GTA 5 will continue that tradition. Far Cry 4 looks like a overhyped Far Cry 3.5 with little changes in graphics and gameplay. Littlebigplanet 3 could be the one up for Playstation 4.

If 2015 exclusives for next gen are overhyped and disappointing (I hope to God they are not), then Nintendo will nail it again. Nintendo Wii U still have those features of nostalgia like split screen 4 players, and even 8 player games all offline in the same room. Wii U games have lasting appeal like how many games of the past use to be, and they didn't need a $50 season pass or some DLC. Even though Nintendo is joining the bandwagon for DLC, they are packing in more content for less than the competition, but not only that! They got Amiibo toys that are adding content to make those Wii U games long lasting. Just imagine if Nintendo made their console just as powerful as the PS4 and X1! Nintendo would destroy the competition and third party developers would flock to Nintendo,. Nintendo would say, "Now that's how you make games."

ashcroft1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

They continue to milk so many franchises? Well I guess you haven't paid attention to the constant remastering of past games and call of duty.

Destiny and their incomplete mess. But if we're just going by exclusives.

Nintendo's exclusives are fun in nature. Infamous SS sucked, Killzone was a boring tech demo, Drive Club is a technical mess Knack? Really? The order, and bloodborne are hyped too much. Destiny and watchdogs come to mind.

The number or rehashes and re-relases from the ps2 era up until now supersedes nintendo's 30 year old milk. They may rehash but they don't re-release old games at full price and call it a remaster, or make you pay for incomplete games as dlc.

remixx1161374d ago

The order and bloodeborn are hyped too much???

Kinda argumdnt point is that.

herbs1374d ago

The fact is all those PS4 games you mentioned are pretty visually with okish gameplay a best and without any real innovation You have no bearing to complain about Nintendo using the same franchises when 1/2 of your examples are sequels and all of them do nothing new in terms of gameplay.

iSuperSaiyanGod1374d ago

Kill zone , knack & infamous were flops in my opinion.

DoctorJones1374d ago

Killzone and Knack are crap games. They are the most traded in titles on ps4.

Drive Club was a bit fat let down, and although Infamous is a good game, it's not that great.

The Ps4 exclusives at the moment aren't anything worth buying a ps4 for.

Chrischi19881374d ago

So false information. While Mario games have Mario in it, Mario Kart and Mario 3D World and Mario 2D are hardly the same game. Then many of you fail to see the other side, while most of you count Mario for 3DS as a Mario game, that gets released so often, you guys do not count God of War or Killzone Handheld versions. Unfair comparision, especially if you think about how many games of 1 kind we get per console. Normally there is 1 3D Mario, 1 Zelda, 1 Metroid, 1 Mario Kart, 1 Smash Bros, with very few exceptions, where we got like 2. Yes, you can cpunt back to 1985, but to act like the games did not develop. Well, I could also act like all FPS or hack n slash are the same since the 90th, but wouldnt all go nuts over that? Yes. You guys dismiss a game solely because you think you are to mature for Mario, even if it truly is one of the best games. How many Killzones did the PS3 have, how man Halos did the Xbox 360 have, how many Zeldas did the Wii have? The Wii had 2 Zeldas, if you count Twilight Princess, as it got released for gamecube, too.

Nintendo takes time for every franchise game they make, unlike CoD every year or AC 2 in one year.

Then you guys say nintendo doesnt take risks, but they do, with their hardware, 2 gen in a row. 1 time it worked out great, one time it didnt. And the whole thing about they dont make new IPs is also bot true. Wii Sports was a new IP and became one of the most successful games of all time, with over 80mil sold. Before you give me the "it was a bundled game" answer, first think about why most casuala bought the Wii, yeah, because of Wii Sports. Then we got Wii Fit. 3rd Party exclusives like No More Heroes, Conduit, Red Steel. You can say you dont like them, but to act like they dont exist, is really sad.

Then also think about 1 thing, while Nintendo has by FAR the most exclusive titles, which are all highly anticipated, how many do the others have? You guys can only speak about 2 games mostly, but act like it is all new. To be honest, this is the kind of double standart that pisses me off, because these arguments can also be said about your console, but you act like it cant. Exclusives and good exclusives are a different thing, nintendo has mainly good ones.

Date_Um_Sage1374d ago

Some people got hurt by the truth lol
But i hear ya, the Nintendo are killing it not as much as they could ergo Fatal frame 5 west bound so far.
but atleast they are trying.

3-4-51374d ago are obviously a sony fan, you were defending them on another topic a bit ago dealing with Microsoft.

It's ok if not everybody owns a PS4....things will be ok.

recto851374d ago

killzone - aka sony's halo clone
infameous - poor spiderman clone
knack - 3d mario wannabe
drive club - test drive clone

please continue

Date_Um_Sage1374d ago

Knack was decent a nice throwback to crash.
Can't really knock it if your open minded, first game i got for ps4 to be fair along with killzone.

But the wii u is killing it at the moment.
Let's hope all the consoles get better with time.

Magicite1374d ago

Nintendo has some good and some great exclusives. But best? Hell not!

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moegooner881374d ago

Subjective, pretty simple.

Big_Game_Hunters1374d ago

Subjective, If you base it on reviews it would be objective.

Amuro1374d ago

reviews in nature are subjective too, because opinion are... Yes, they are opinions: "a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge".

DanielGearSolid1374d ago

I don't really like Nintendo like I used to. Sure their games are fun, but the same characters over and over again every generation, i cant do it anymore

Mega241374d ago

Its a matter of opinion.