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The latest in a growing list of attempts to reboot and revive Sega’s longtime mascot, Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal places a heavy emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving. The levels are sprawling – certainly the largest IGN has seen in a 2D Sonic game – and require the use of each character’s abilities to uncover a variety of hidden items. As someone who took great pleasure in meticulously tracking down every Chaos Emerald way back in the original games, IGN went into Shattered Crystal hoping for an homage to that mechanic. Unfortunately, it is poorly implemented in a number of ways.

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Man I miss old Sega. After Dreamcast they are just not the same.

Dark-Funeral1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Game that died 14 years ago :(

Fullmetalevolust1408d ago

I am baffled as to why they can't make a successful sonic game. Staying in 2d seems to be the answer. Although, Sonic colors and Sonic 4 seemed to have done alright.

DivineAssault 1408d ago

im glad i didnt buy this today.. I bought tales of hearts r for vita instead.. I had a feeling sonic boom was going to be a mess from the beginning but i had high hopes for the 3ds 2d version & its another disappointment. smh idk if sonic will ever be good again... I still play the genesis collection from time to time & thats what you call a timeless classic... These new games just SUCK!

oof461408d ago

*Sigh*...Alas, poor Sonic. I knew him, Horatio.

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