Sen Gayle Slossberg sets the record straight

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"After Yesterdays post about Sen Gayle Slossberg comments on a GTA 4 rape scene. I took it upon my self, to contact the senator to ask her about the comment she made. She sent back this email"

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NO_PUDding3823d ago

Atleast she is not as bad as the NSPCC woman.

I emailed the NSPCC woman, and she had nothing useful to share.

Jack Meahoffer3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

I'm sick of these protect-da-childrens-with-cens orship sensationalist A-holes politicians. This witch "heard" something totally untrue about GTA IV and before actually researching it herself she cried wolf, started a big "controversy" and put in a bill to censor video games. To make it worse she didn't even admit how wrong she was. Its all a misunderstanding now that shes blatantly wrong. I don't believe a word she says.

Censorship is wrong no matter what. We're supposed to be living in free western societies yet at every corner some piece of shat do nothing politician decides they need to protect us from ourselves. Its all a show. Its all about "Hey look at me I care more about da childrens than anyone else. Instead of actually doing what government should be doing I'll do a little dance and put on a sensationalist show for you".

PAVE SOME ROADS! LOCK UP SOME CRIMINALS! DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE... YOU KNOW WHAT GOVERNMENT IS SUPPOSED TO DO! And leave the wannabe nanny bullshat in your own home. I'm not a child. F this witch and the horse she road in on.

/end rant

phoenixtilt3823d ago

Yeah we emailed her and they emailed us back within 8 hours

Dark General3823d ago

That she "misheard" about a rape scene in GTA4 that's nonexistent.

GameDev3823d ago

Id do her, women in suits are hot. lol

mikeslemonade3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

I 100% agree with you.

55 minutes of her^ :)

LJWooly3823d ago

I'll give you two bubbles, for a number of different reasons :D

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