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Are game trailers deceiving to gamers? With games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt using solely in game graphics in their trailer vs something like Ubisoft's Assassins Creed: Unity or Watch Dogs marketing that puts a certain shine on the game that leaves gamers unsatisfied with the final product once they have purchased it. Is this business practice deceiving?

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ThatGamingCritic1258d ago

That's true Ubisoft does a lot of crazy stuff and gamers despise them for it. It's earned however.

otherZinc1258d ago

It was deceiving to consumers when Game Trailers gave Drive Club an 8.6

3-4-51257d ago

Watch Gameplay footage.....NOT the trailers.

Zsharpes1258d ago

Ill never buy a Ubisoft game after Unity. Just garbage cash grabbing all around.

ThatGamingCritic1258d ago

I totally think that's a great idea!

Dirtnapstor1258d ago

Author late to the party or what?

uth111258d ago

What do you expect trailers to do? Do you want them to show bugs, crashes, glitches? How many movie trailers show only the best scenes of a movie?