New PlayStation Life screenshots

PS3-Sense writes "Here are some more screenshots of the upcoming feature called 'PlayStation Life', enjoy."

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Fishy Fingers3649d ago

Cool. Google Earthy. Hope it's all nice a fluid.

jwatt3649d ago

Looks alot better than the folding2home Earth.

Jim Crowslaw3649d ago

for some reason my [email protected] kept freezing my system so i deleted it....anyone else experience this type of problem?

spandexxking3649d ago

it happened to me just re-download it

alle283649d ago

What is Playstation Life. Can someone explain please? =)

Fishy Fingers3649d ago

Not quite sure yet apart from it will allow you to access weather and news from any specific part of the globe. At you choice obviously. I'm sure it will feature a host of other applications, I figure we'll have to wait until E3 to find out what they are.

pwnsause3649d ago

its a service that allows you to get real time news feeds of current events around the globe, not to mention, displays the weather in real time, kind of like what the wii does.

sandip7873649d ago

the actual google earth would be really cool too.

when the visualiser to the music is rotating around the earth i always wish it would pan down to something

player9113648d ago

Looks like the Weather channel on the Wii.

proArchy3649d ago

so when does this come out again?

tweaker3649d ago

Wow I really thought it would be a boring RSS type feed. Never expected an interface with 3D visuals.

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The story is too old to be commented.