New Video Games Shouldn't Be So Broken

It seems these days that a big game just can't launch without some kind of technical issue. The accepted response to this by both consumers and the press seems to be "well, that sucks, but it'll probably get fixed soon". That's not good enough anymore.

I get that making games is hard. That publishers force deadlines on teams, that accounting for millions of players is rough work, that a myriad of technical complexities mean completely eradicating bugs is an impossible task.

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Halo2ODST21345d ago

"New games shouldn't be so broken"? Seriously, games are always gonna continue to have bugs, server issues, maybe some games will suffer less, but games with such tight deadlines such as MCC, these issues were pretty much predicted not to mention they had 4 teams working on this, so there are bound to be inconsistencies compared to one major team with easier communication & cooperation,

darthv721345d ago

I don't know whats up with Kotaku but they need to learn the difference between a broken game (AC:Unity) and a broken service (MCC Matchmaking).

The game of MCC is not broken. the servers that run the bakground services were experiencing issues prior to its launch that were affecting other games as well.

The MCC launch coupled with the server problems are coincidental. Many who cant play a MCC game also reported issues with Destiny, Titanfall and CoD:AW which shows the problem was not with the "game" but the service.

A broken game is Unity. It is broken right out of the box with its performance issues. At least games like MCC and Driveclub are playable even without their online element.